91 House Heroes: Kevin McCarthy Rallied Democrats to his Side, and 5 GOP Did Not Vote in Shutdown Fever

The Bill to avoid a government shutdown passed the US House on Saturday afternoon and the moved to the Senate for more nonsense- where our civil servants will mostly pretend to care about the American people.

And only 31% of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction, according to Rasmussen polling on Saturday. SEE TWEET WITH POLLING HERE.

So the question is- who believes that what is happening in DC this month is what represents the consent of the governed?

Here are the details being reported Saturday about the Shutdown:

A government shutdown has been averted. 335-91: The House just passed a 45-day stopgap resolution that does not include border security funding or Ukraine aid. 91 GOP – Nos 1 Dem – No

91 members of the House voted against funding the government, and it could have been more, but 7 members did not vote. Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly did not allow US Rep. Luna to vote because she is on Maternity Leave.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, reported on his social media about the details:

“In an incredible turn of events, @SpeakerMcCarthy relied on the Democratic minority (and less than half of Republicans) in the House to fully fund Biden’s corruption, abuse, and his border invasion for the next 45 days. It would not be surprising if Republicans seek new House leadership after this move, which effectively turned control of the House to @RepJeffries.”

Steve Bannon of the War Room called it in early June.

This whole situation with Jeffries is really horrifying for anyone who watched the sickening speech that made childish US Rep. Alexandria Oscar Cortez (D-NY) wiggle and giggle in her seat behind him, where the progressive took credit for everything that is broken in America but dressed it up like a dime store hooker and trotted that mess out in front of a frenzied bunch of drunken MS 12 cartel members to have a giant party.

The filthy feeding frenzy of the ‘Government Gangsters” who refused to hear about pushing the United States over a financial cliff.

Jeffries talked about “saving” men, women and children in ways that only Democrats can do, as if Americans are so helpless as to need the assistance of these hapless Democrats to do things that US Rep. Kevin McCarthy pushed, like “getting medicine and food”.

Posters on social media chimed in that if the US government had not been stealing from people for so long, they would be able to purchase their own meds.

But that would cut off their access to looting the tax base and take perks from special interests.

So our greedy US Reps in the “uniparty” patted themselves on the back as they “saved” the American taxpayer from getting any justice- once again.

Another question is what happened to all the Republicans who the American people worked so hard to get into office last year?

Will the American people ever actually win back control of their government?

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