‘Benedict’ McCarthy Tricked House Made Side Deal to Send Money to Ukraine- Betrayed a Nation

The American people are accustomed to the betrayal of very greedy politicians who have usurped power in the nation’s capital to direct their focus on money-making schemes for themselves and their associates, so it really is not going to be surprising to many that reports now show that Speaker of the House, US Rep. Kevin McCarthy and his allies in DC have lied to do exactly what damages the American people the most.

The coven of civil servants in DC, which includes most of DC, meaning- everyone who loves to make money from special interests to sell their government influence, has made a side deal to fund Ukraine – after all of the shutdown theater on Saturday saying they were going to leave the funding out.

Earlier on Saturday, the House of Representatives approved an 11th-hour stopgap measure to keep the federal government funded for another 45 days, with just hours left before the deadline to avert a shutdown, sending the bill to the Senate for a vote.

The Senate passed the bill of course.

Here is the Shutdown theater: media reports from noontime Saturday, before the final vote, showed that McCarthy said that aid for Ukraine should be removed from the temporary spending bill so that the federal government can avoid a shutdown, a temporary suspension of the US federal government.

“I think if the Senate puts Ukraine on there and focuses on Ukraine over America, I think that could cause real problems,” he told CNN.

Yahoo News reported:

McCarthy stressed that if the Senate passes the bill as it stands, it will likely lead to a shutdown.

CNN reported that McCarthy told reporters he had proposed putting up a “clean” stopgap bill, and said he was “working through maybe to be able to do that.”

He claimed that if the Senate continues to include Ukraine spending in its bill, it will not be successful.

And later it was revealed that McCarthy had a trick up his sleeve.

According to Forbes the House voted 335-91 to pass the resolution, meeting the two-thirds threshold required, with 90 Republicans and one Democrat, Illinois Rep. Mike Quigley, opposed to the measure, arguing it lacked funding for Ukraine.

The 71-page continuing resolution adds money for disaster relief, but leaves out military funding for Ukraine, a key criticism from far-right House Republicans who have called for sweeping funding cuts despite pleas from the Biden Administration for $20 billion in additional funding for Ukraine.

And the joke is on anyone who believed that.


After the vote, according to a House Democrat Leadership statement, we hear about the painful details: “When the House returns, we expect Speaker McCarthy to advance a bill to the House Floor for an up-or-down vote that supports Ukraine, consistent with his commitment to making sure that Vladimir Putin, Russia and authoritarianism are defeated. We must stand with the Ukrainian people until victory is won.”

“Wow.@SpeakerMcCarthy made a side Ukraine deal with Democrats and didn’t tell House Republicans until after his Continuing Resolution passed. More deceit,” US Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FLA) tweeted in response.

McCarthy has been defiant and even shown pride in rushing to the Democrats to make deals to fund a massive centralized government. How much is he going to enjoy taking the knife and twisting it in the back of Americans?

Have we been here before?


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