American Communist Party Openly Threatens Parents at School Board Meeting

Yes- go back and read that again. American members of a Communist group are openly threatening Americans at a school board meeting over policies from a centralized government-run education system that promotes transgenderism.

And the Communists are pushing for the end of Parent’s rights over their children.

We have Communists past our shores and deeply embedded in our nation who are unafraid of being outed as Communists.


Here is what Fox News reported:

Chaos erupted at a Southern California district’s school board meeting Thursday when communist protesters clashed with parents’ rights activists.

At the meeting, the Orange Unified School Board passed a parental notification policy similar to ones passed in five other districts across the state, that would require staff to notify parents when their child identifies as transgender. 

Before the deciding vote, members of the Revolutionary Communist Party disrupted the event, with one shouting down supporters with a megaphone. This led to a shouting match between both sides before the communist protesters were ushered out by officers, the Los Angeles Times reported.

During the open-comment portion before the disruption, a woman who identified herself as a member of the radical group objected to discussing the policy with “fascists.”

“We’re getting organized for a real revolution to get rid of the system,” she told the audience. “Any kind of trying to negotiate with any of these fascists in the room, on the board, is illegitimate.”

She then called for anyone “with humanity for LGBTQ people” to “get ready for a revolution to overthrow this whole system that gave birth to this White supremacy and this male supremacy.”

Another speaker with the group warned the country was headed toward a “crisis” “of Christian fundamentalist fascists going for power.” She called on opponents of the policy to be “brave” and gear up for an “all-out fight to bring into being a new society.”

Videos of the speakers were shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, by Protect Kids California activist Jonathan Zachreson.

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