Ben Bergquam, Innovative Border Journalist Tells All in Powerful Interview with Seb Gorka

Ben Bergquam appeared with Dr. Seb Gorka for a riveting interview, and talked about his personal background, sharing his journey from a troubled past to becoming a passionate advocate for truth and justice. Raised in a missionary family in Africa, he witnessed the impact of third-world conditions and the deterioration of societal values. His transformation began during President Trump’s first election campaign, which inspired him to fight against the destruction of America’s foundational principles.

“My parents were missionaries in Africa. I have lived in third world countries. I returned here, and I grew up in the greatest country in the world and I was pissed off about the direction we were going and I decided to do something about it,” Bergquam said, talking about his mission for his courageous reporting on the border.

Bergquam’s involvement in border issues stemmed from his encounters with Angel Moms, who had lost their children to illegal immigrants. He described witnessing the intentional destruction of America through open borders and highlighted the role of leftist organizations and government entities in facilitating illegal immigration.

Despite the dangers he faces in his work, Bergquam emphasized his reliance on prayer and divine guidance. He believes that he is called to fight for truth and justice, following in the footsteps of courageous men throughout history. Bergquam expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be a voice for those who have been marginalized or ignored by mainstream media.

The interview concluded with Bergquam reflecting on the importance of courage and integrity in facing the challenges of the present era. He credited individuals like President Trump and Steve Bannon for inspiring him to stand firm in his convictions and fight against the forces of evil. Ultimately, Bergquam sees his work as a calling to defend America’s principles and protect future generations from tyranny.

Bergquam, host of Real America’s Voice Law and Border, bravely talked about his struggle with addiction to activism to a well know investigative journalist.


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