After A Week In Tijuana, Bergquam Debriefs The War Room Pandemic, ‘This Is The Crime Of Our Generation’

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline American, appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room on Tuesday and talked about his week-long experience in Tijuana, recording what he calls a human trafficking crisis on the Southern Border.

“CNN is breaking news that the White House has released the February data of 100,000 encounters on the Southern Border,” Bannon said just before bringing Bergquam on to talk about where those numbers are coming from.

“We need to stand up and thank God for networks like the WarRoom and for Real America’s Voice for letting us get this information to the American people about what is happening on the border. Americans have to make more noise about what they see,” Bergquam said.

“I was in Tijuana this week. I am headed to Yuma next week and what I saw was that there are people who grab other people from caravans and sell them into human and sex trafficking, and the only way this will stop this is if Americans get sick of it and demand Democrats stop it,” he said.

“We have a pivotal chance to make things stop by making noise.”

The video that Bergquam highlighted showed him following a man with a backpack, the man he said was about to jump near Trump’s border security Wall. Bergquam showed migrants communicating with each other, looking as if they were also watching the cameraman and himself.

“This is very dangerous ,” Berqguam said.

“This is all controlled by the Cartels, and we are funding it through NGOs, and we are training people on how to break into the country. We are working with the Cartels to get people across; there are large groups of people who are paying the Cartels off. Monetizing drug and human trafficking,” he told Bannon.

“The Cartels are getting paid by these leftist groups who are helping them get people over the border. Sometimes there are 10, 20 people. Sometimes where there are open fences there are 1,000 people,” Berquam told Bannon.

“We have exclusive footage coming up of how the cartels intimidate people, and we will show the crime of our generation on how we are funneling people into these terrible situations, and we are paying for it. Americans are paying for it,” he said.


“We have been told that people are trained to send children in, over the border first, and wait to see what happens. So the stories about children being raped are legitimate. I made a video where there are these caves where there are panties around and lubricant laying around, and it is obvious from the surroundings that these crimes are happening,” Bergquam.

“I am heading to Pheonix and then Yuma for more footage,” Bergquam said in closing.


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