Exposing How The Mexican Cartels Operate At Southern Border- Extended Cut

Watch as Ben Bergquam, founder of Frontline America and reporter for Real America’s Voice, surveys and records a group of people who look to be making plans to cross over the American border.

“Thankfully President Trump built a double wall here because this area is so notorious for traffic,” Bergquam said. “The left doesn’t care that the Cartel owns this property and are using it to victimize the American people.”

Bergquam gives his impressions of the Cartel’s operations after investigating the Tijuna area for a week in March of 2021.

Bergquam describes a situation where a small group of men are watching him, as what appears to be lookouts. One man has on a backpack and is pacing near the border wall. He shows where other men appear to be standing off in the distance and watching him record, and then he describes how Cartels intimidate people to carry backpacks full of drugs over the border for them.

“They come up here, or any of the thousand points along the wall, and they have lookouts who are watching for them, so they can give them the signal when to go, and they go,” he said.

The man at the wall with the backpack on watches as Berquam walks off… and what Bergquam uncovers about why he is standing there waiting will shock readers.

“This is a battle for the future of our country, this is the frontline of the battle. And Democrats, Joe Biden, and the Left are aiding and abetting the enemy,” Bergquam said in closing.

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Ben Berqguam is the founder of Frontline America, a reporter for Real America’s Voice, and a frequent guest on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic.

Please follow him on Twitter and bookmark this site for all future updates.


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