Americans on the Cold Streets, Illegals in Warm Housing: The Formulaic Replacement Process in Chicago

Illegal invaders and migrants from all over the world are being housed comfortably in Chicago and given provisions for their comfort, nourishment, and safety while Americans are languishing in the cold and crime-filled streets.

Chicago is a “Sanctuary City” that protects illegal invaders from the consequences of breaking into the United States and is negligent in caring for American citizens who have resided in the city for generations.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent with Real America’s Voice, has been reporting on the Border Invasion for close to ten years, so he has seen the impact of illegal immigration unfolding and escalating for that length of time, and he has focused on Chicago since early December.

Recently, Bergquam interviewed a homeless man, Peter Weelmaa, who was granted assistance but has yet to receive any of the promised aid- and has been left to sleep like a dog on the ground.

Bergquam and Weelmaa watched as busloads of illegal foreigners, who have no loyalty to the country or gratitude for what they get- are being given privileges that Americans like him are not getting.

Weelmaa placed blame for his situation on the non-governmental organizations that are advocating for illegal migrants over Americans.


The irony is that the lifelong citizens of Chicago, who are law-abiding and have paid into the system, are not being served by the government they have supported- while people who have no ties to our nations are being pampered and treated well.

Usually, the corporate media ignores the situation to save the government from scrutiny. However, the crisis immigration is causing has gotten so out of control that even the mainstream media is feeling the heat to report the truth some more.

They even reported that more migrants arrived, by surprise, in Chicago on Friday:

A CBS 2 reported that their camera crew came across an arriving bus while reporting the migrant crisis. As CBS 2’s Asal Rezaei said, migrants were seen arriving at an industrial area in the West Loop on Des Plaines and Polk right off a highway, where they were helped by staff from the Chicago Office of Emergency Management.

Migrants said they just arrived from Texas. They were on a bus for three days and said they hardly made any stops and were given barely any food. They were dropped off at the Greyhound station in West Loop without being given any information. One person was told they could go to the OEMC for help, and the rest followed.

Staff gave them blankets and essentials before being taken away on the yellow buses. Two buses carrying migrants have left, with another one on standby.

OEMC staff have tables set up in preparation for more arrivals. 

Real America’s Voice, Anthony Aguero, caught some footage of the new arrivals:

More independent footage shows people lined up to get government-funded services…

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