New Chicago Freedom Movement: Blacks Put Dems on Notice, ‘We are Coming for You And We Won’t Stop at Trump 2024’

The Democrats in Chicago are about to get a recognition they did not expect, which is Black voters have had enough of rising crime in their neighborhoods and of being treated like second-class citizens by Democrats. They say they are ready to vote for President Donald J. Trump in 2024.

In Chicago- the home of Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama, the two most well-known Community Organizers in the world who were both champions of Black America- something very odd is happening; Black communities have had enough of the lies and transfer of wealth by the Democrat Party who promised to take care of them- and have only lied and stolen from them.

Enter “Trump’s Guy” Steve Bannon, one of the best “Community Organizers” around with his War Room program, who interviewed two Chicago residents on Monday- who have had enough of the lies from the Democrat party:

Chicago is also the home of a huge government tax burden and a very wealthy progressive Hillary R. Clinton, who, after years of stealing from the people, referred to embattled Americans as “a Basket of Deplorables.”

Remember her?

Everywhere in the state of Illinois and around the country is political disillusionment with the brazen, decades-long gaslighting of the left, especially when it comes to making policy and creating situations where average Americans and working-class people can not get ahead.

However, the good news is that Community empowerment for liberty and freedom is also happening, even in progressive strongholds like Chicago. Black Patriot Conservatives are building momentum after spending time advocating for essential issues like free enterprise and economic opportunities- a movement born in Chicago in the 1960s.

Here is the key: Community Organizing is not just for the radical progressive left. Patriots, Independents and Republicans can do it all too, and they are doing it.

Check this out; it is activism with the echo of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, who was most famous for his March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, where he delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

A New Chicago Freedom Movement:


The “Chicago Freedom Movement” was also led by Martin Luther King Jr. in the late 1960s. This movement aimed to address issues of racial discrimination and economic injustice in northern cities, particularly in Chicago.

The “Breadbasket,” led by Rev. Jessie Jackson and turned into the disastrous policies of creating government dependency, was the economic arm of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). It was named after the biblical reference to the land of plenty or a region abundant in resources. In this context, it referred to efforts to empower and support African-American communities economically by focusing on issues like fair employment, housing, and access to resources.

The intent was free enterprise and more opportunities; however- too many Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama types usurped the powerful concept.

The Breadbasket initiative sought to address economic disparities and achieve economic justice for African Americans, expanding beyond the civil rights movement’s focus on legal equality to address systemic economic issues affecting minority communities in urban areas like Chicago.

However, the political fight over power and money at the top prevented benefits from trickling down to those needing relief.

And then the movement lost their champion with the tragic assassination of King.

Trump, the new champion of free enterprise and freedom, is already crushing Hillary’s ideas of who Americans are:


So we have been here before, and now it is Trump who faces severe persecution for attempting to liberate Black and minority Communities for their economic freedom.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Border, was on location in the ‘Windy City’ getting footage of the carnage from illegal immigration. While there, Bergquam interviewed two determined Chicago residents for the War Room on Monday. Both of the men said they were voting for Trump after the latest slap in the face, with Democrats importing government dependents from foreign countries and moving them into Black communities where they are not wanted.

According to the Illinois government, the Chicago region is the country’s third-largest metropolitan area. It remains a top immigration center in North America, with 19.1 percent of the regional population being foreign-born, or 1.6 million persons.

As Bannon, the host of The War Room, noted, the Democrats are not moving illegal invaders into the preppy areas where White progressives live and play- even it is their policies that bring these illegals here into the United States.

The message the two men sent was directly to the Democrat Party that they have been disrespected long enough, and now there will be a political move to displace all of the Democrats who lied and refused to keep their promises.

Check it out:


Devin Jones, a Navy Veteran who calls himself a “Radical Republican,” is a GOP Committeeman for Ward 18 Chicago. Jones told Bergquam that Black people in Chicago understand the impact of illegal aliens, who are taking resources and causing crime; at the same time, the progressive white establishment ignores their cries for help.

Mark Carter, a local activist and organizer, said that limited law enforcement resources and transnational gangs compound crime issues in black neighborhoods, hindering law enforcement’s ability to address the problem.

Both Carter and Jones expressed concern about migrants being brought to Chicago without preparation for the harsh winters there. Without the proper provisions for very bitter cold and wind off of like Michigan, it is not uncommon to hear of people freezing to death. Now, imagine so many people without the right gear to stay alive.

Their concerns about an influx of immigrants in Chicago concerned safety and education issues.

Both Bergquam and Bannon noted that Mayor Johnson and Governor Pritzker are criticized for not bringing immigrants to predominantly white suburbs, instead focusing on black communities.

Carter said that part of the plan to displace the lying Democrats is for organizers to register voters and run slate candidates in Chicago to turn the city red.

They are no longer talking about the Immigration crisis and disrespect towards black communities.

Jones predicted a sea of red at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, likening it to Texas, and highlighted the importance of engaging and fighting for communities of color, citing 17 Black candidates for GOP committee positions in Chicago.

Both speakers argued that progressive whites are disrespecting black communities by forcing illegal immigrants into their neighborhoods without addressing the issues.

Carter and his movement called for Trump to visit Chicago and rally support for his 2024 campaign.



Bannon had introduced the segment with a blistering smackdown of the Democrats in the area, saying, “Lets go to where American citizens are being destroyed and crushed every day by an invasion of 9 million foreign invaders,” asking Carter directly, “Do folks out there understand that are being crushed by this invasion of, of illegal aliens who are taking services, destroying the tax base, etc. are Black people in Chicago waking up to the fact that it’s this progressive white establishment that’s doing it, sir?”

And the answers were excellent. Here is the more extended interview


“I think better than anybody that black people in Chicago understand precisely what’s been happening. I would say for almost a decade, if not longer. It’s just come to a head because it’s almost like we’ll be slapped in the face. With 20,000 illegal aliens and foreign nationals in our city, we are devouring resources that we are not able to have access to. They live in community colleges that we can’t afford to go to.

They have open air, black markets, and things like that, and we have to pay an 11% sales tax to get a loaf of bread.

So I think we completely understand them and have understood. I think finally people are listening to the cries and the complaints of black Chicago and what’s been going on with this progressive city.”

And Bannon closed with an important point about what danger is coming, a winter of discontent:

“For these foreign nationals come up there the guys are exactly right. They’re not ready for the Chicago winner because the Democrat party doesn’t care. They don’t care. The people in those communities are just Cannon Fodder.”

But now that community is “shooting back” with political organizing- and they are smartly coming for those party positions and jobs, and they are organized.

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