REPLACED CIVIL RIGHTS! Chicago Sanctuary City for Illegals Replaces Historic Fair Housing Victories for Black Americans

In 2023, Democrat-United Nations policies have morphed into legal rights for noncitizens- to promote, defend, and support an illegal invasion of migrants, even when those migrants are replacing Black and Hispanic Americans. What is causing the problems are ‘Sanctuary City’ laws, which have replaced historic Republican battle-earned 1960s Civil Rights laws that gave Black and Hispanic Americans necessary rights we call Fair Housing Rights.

But those victories for the Civil Rights movement are being overturned right now, amid a housing crisis, by the Democrats who are choosing to give free amnesty to illegal invaders over respecting the rights of historic Black and Hispanic Americans.

Real America’s Voice Ben Bergquam has been in Chicago investigating the growing anger over illegals getting prioritized housing over Black and Hispanic Americans and reported on taxpayer-funded migrant and Islamic shelters:

And at least one activist at one City Council meeting is on the edge about the situation and ready to take on City Hall.


Experts say an eviction avalanche is coming. But thousands of Chicago renters have already been pushed to the brink of the housing cliff,” City Bureau reported recently about huge numbers of Black and Hispanic Americans in Chicago who are being turned out into the streets to live.

But that doesn’t impact the illegal aliens given taxpayer-funded housing and provisions.

“As nearly 11,000 migrants are currently in shelters across Chicago with nearly 4,000 awaiting placement, new shelters are opening in the city’s West Loop neighborhood. The Mayor’s Office said they are opening new shelters every six days to keep up with the increasing demand,” ABC News reported early in October before natural real surge of migrants happened.


The Fair Housing Act of 1968 prohibited discrimination concerning the sale, rental and financing of housing based on race, religion, national origin or sex. Intended as a follow-up to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the bill was the subject of a contentious debate in the Senate. Still, it was passed quickly by the House of Representatives in the days after the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. The Fair Housing Act stands as the final great legislative achievement of the civil rights era.

However, those Civil Rights acts have been defanged in places like Chicago, which has been a self-proclaimed sanctuary city for more than 38 years, with five mayors vowing to shield all immigrants in Chicago from federal agents, regardless of whether they are citizens, permanent residents or asylum seekers.


The housing crisis and the funded migrant centers are causing a great divide in the public. The two converging issues are turning into a political hot potato.

On Wednesday, for example, Chicago City Council members voted on whether to put the question: ‘Should the city of Chicago continue to keep its designation as a Sanctuary City?’ on the March primary ballot.

They voted 31-16 against putting the question to the electorate, thereby shutting the people out of the process.

Democrat Mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, “ordered his lieutenants to quash a bid to put the controversial ‘Welcoming City Ordinance’ to a referendum – and in November his floor leader was forced to resign for physically blocking opponents trying to access a previous vote on the issue,” the DailyMail reported adding:

“Alderman Anthony Beale, who is trying to get the question on the ballot, accused his opponents of being scared to the facts.”

‘What are you scared of? To let the people have a voice? The truth?’ Beale asked after the vote. “That’s all this question is asking, is to let the people have a say.”

And now some of the residents of Chicago are saying they are ready to mobilize to destroy the Democrats who are prioritizing illegals.

So in 2023, with the massive invasion at our Southern Border, the consequences of the Democrat’s open borders are playing out with an angry public, and it has happened after generations of Black voters ushering Democrats into office on their false promises.

One long-time political activist is calling politicians out over it- and pleading for President Donald J. Trump to intervene.

The Daily Mail reported that a well-known Chicago activist has called for Donald Trump to ‘come in here and clean up this mess,’ decrying the influx of migrants and urging authorities to ‘send them all back.’

George Blakemore, 81, has for the last 40 years attended every public meeting he can, from City Council to the Chicago Board of Education to the Water Reclamation District, Block Club Chicago reported.

Earlier this month, at a city council hearing to discuss putting Chicago’s sanctuary city status on the ballot in March, Blakemore spoke out against Chicago’s current policy towards migrants.

We covered Blakemore as well:


Watching Blakemore is like a scene out of the Chicago Freedom Movement:

The Chicago Freedom Movement was a pivotal campaign in the Civil Rights Movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Reverend Jesse Jackson in the mid-1960s. It aimed to address racial segregation and discrimination in housing, education, and employment in Chicago. The movement was a response to the challenges faced by African Americans in the northern cities, particularly regarding housing discrimination and poor living conditions.

Dr. King and other activists organized protests, marches, and rallies to highlight inequality and to demand fair housing practices. One of the key events was a march into the white-only housing areas, which brought attention to the racial divide and the need for desegregation.

Despite facing resistance and opposition, the movement was instrumental in drawing national attention to the issues of racial injustice in the North. It ultimately led to agreements with city officials to improve housing conditions and increase opportunities for African Americans in Chicago. The Chicago Freedom Movement stands as an essential chapter in the broader struggle for civil rights in the United States.


On Friday, Steve Bannon, host of the War Room program, wove a tapestry of details together- that sounded very similar to problems Black and Hispanic communities faced before the Civil Rights battles were won.

 As Bannon told audience members at the AZ Turning Point gathering last week, immigrants are flooding the US without borders or fair elections. Bannon took the opportunity of speaking to advocate for stricter immigration laws and a further “great unmasking” of globalists and populist nationalists to show who is working for the established new world order and who is working to advance the rights of the people.

Bannon demanded mass deportation of 9 million “illegal alien invaders” in the US, accusing the media and elites of causing the crisis, and said President Trump’s policies are not enough to fix the country’s problems and that it will take multiple presidencies to make America great again telling people Trump is fighting against a Globalist formula for what he called an American empire.

“There are 9 million illegal alien invaders in this country. Our first priority is not simply sealing the border, but sending them home, and I don’t mean sending home just criminals and people from the mental institutions. I mean, every single 9 million of them have to go. The African American and Hispanic community will never recover their wages.

The Globalists are selling out minority working-class people in this country. Do you know why? They think you all are trash. So we have great work ahead of us, just like that by a Black man from Chicago.

Blakemore is Patrick Henry. There isn’t a better summary. He said- bring Trump back. Clean this mess up. That’s a cry for help right there,” Bannon said about seeing Blakemore speaking at that Santurary City, Chicago City Council.

Bannon went on to talk about the details of how a City Council passed such important laws about issues of great concern, without the full understanding of the public.

It really is an example of how the government has gone rogue and is not representing the people.


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