Illegals Say They Don’t Want Socialism Yet That Is What Democrats Are Creating Here

Ben Bergquam is near the Rio Grande River in Texas and recoding live action on the border as the humanitarian crisis unfolds for everyone involved. Democrats are benefitting from being in many non-English speaking illegal crossers while local law enforcement assists. Local property owners in the area are upset about rising crime in the area.

Bergquam was in the area with a group of other journalists who were live streaming to the American people, but most of the media refuse to cover the things that Ben’s group does.

“America can solve everyone’s problems , we need them to solve their own problems. They are fleeing Socialism, but they are bringing socialism here to us. Every single one of these people has paid the coyottes to get here,” he said.

“The man in the black shirt was the one who carried the woman across in the last video, and he was here handing out money. We support law enforcement, but they were angrier with us than they are at the situation we are seeing. I wish they were less mad at us and madder at the situation. There is nothing they can really do. All we are doing is enriching the drug cartels,” Bergquam said.

Watch as Ben shows the group of illegals and the special way they are treated by law enforcement while they get processed to take a ride off the site and start their new life in America.


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