Asbury Revival Begins with Prophecy will end Thursday Night on ‘Day of Prayer’- Details and Updates

After a demonic Superbowl this month a renewal of the spirit of God rose up and made global news. Unfortunately, the original spot of Asbury University, was unable to continue until there was a natural ending, due to traffic concerns, however, there is evidence that the spirit of God is picking up at other universities- so the Revival will go on.



Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, attended the Christian revival at Asbury University in Kentucky last week and spoke with some of the other attendees about what drew them to the historic event. 

 Lindy Anne Hopley of  Beautiful Witness Ministries talked to Bergquam and told him, “This is so exciting because this is what we have been praying for. I mean, all around the world, we know it’s Revival or bust.  Revival is when the dead comes back to life; in America, especially, it has looked pretty dead. And you know that enemy has just been overplaying his card and really showcasing his work, like, at the Grammys where we saw people dress up like Satan, ” Hopely told Bergquam, adding:

What is so beautiful is that Bob Jones, The Prophet, had prophesied that when the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, It would be a Revival. Then that happens, and he actually passed away on Valentine’s Day. So now in the week of the Chiefs winning, a Revival breaks out. 

Incredible story- Watch:

Read more about Bob Jones and his prophecy about revival: HERE

The Revival was being forced to shut down due to traffic concerns by Thursday, according to some people who had some knowledge of pressure being put on the University to stop the people from coming to the area, according to eyewitness reports.

Bergquam covers some details of the situation:

Bergquam then reported to Real America’s Voice about how the Revival was winding up and finishing: 

I was interviewing people yesterday, talking to people as they went through, and he was from everywhere. Peru, Ecuador Africa, every 50 states, 150 different universities, people young people coming in from all over the country, all wanting to be touched by the hand of God and to take that back with them.

And people wanted to see the movement spread across the country. They see America falling the darkness in this country growing and worldwide, and they want to move God to spread. And so that’s the prayer, that’s my prayer. Is that it just doesn’t stay in Asbury.

There was some disappointment, especially what’s ironic is that on Thursday, they’re having a national day of prayer for the universities. They have a speaker coming in, who’s going to speak about Requesting God to bring Revival to the Universities, and the same time, they’re kind of winding down the Revival here.

And so there’s a bit of a tug of war going on right now, but at the end it really comes down to asking- are we following God’s word? Are we following the Holy Spirit guiding us?   Are we listening to that still, soft voice, telling us when to go and what to do?

And really, you know, for a Christian College, really. I think the sentiment is you shouldn’t really worry about traffic and what that does to God’s moving at your University. That’s probably the most important thing that can happen at the University- so you should do everything you can to support it?

 I got to interview the Vice President yesterday and he is a really good guy. That’s basically what they were doing. He said they’re trying to steward the movement the best they could to do, for what God has for them,” Bergquam said.


According to CBN News:

Asbury University has announced that public worship services in the school’s Hughes Auditorium are ending. However, there’s still one big event left, and CBN News will livestream it from the Asbury Awakening on Thursday night.

Asbury leaders have said the revival will move off campus to continue at other locations in the central Kentucky area, although it’s not clear where that might be. For the past few days, the outpouring has remained open to high schoolers and college students only.

But those last few services for students will be ending too. “As part of Asbury’s intention of encouraging and commissioning others to ‘go out’ and share what they have experienced, all services will be hosted at other locations and no longer held at Asbury University,” the school has announced. “We encourage guests to utilize these other designated facilities for worship and gathering. More information will be shared.”

20,000 Join Asbury Revival in Weekend Explosion, but Outpouring Will Now Be Moved Off Campus

For now, there will be one final event the world can join in. We will live stream that special service right here at, taking place on the national Collegiate Day of Prayer.

“I find it fitting that what started with college students on our campus is ending with college students joined in prayer and worship across the country,” University President Kevin J. Brown said.


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