Tale of Two Presidents: Trump’s America and Biden’s America

The news is getting out, and people are seeing the tale of two cities unfolding before their eyes. One where a POTUS is avoiding the people and ignoring their needs, and one where a POTUS is serving the people and concerned about what is happening to them.

While Democrat Joe Biden is in Kyiv, Ukraine handing out an American fortune to fund a war that has nothing to do with us, President Donald J. Trump is in East Palestine, OH serving the people there and handing out food, water, and provisions:

And people are taking notice. One of these men is not like the other; one of these men doesn’t belong:

Trump had a press conference for the people of Ohio on Wednesday, lending his support.

“We have told you loud and clear: you are not forgotten. You are not forgotten. We stand with you; we pray for you.” – President Donald J. Trump told the media and people who had gathered to hear him speak.

Biden was seen on Wednesday falling up the stairs as he boarded a plane somewhere from his Polish-Ukraine trip after he made public statements offering them the unlimited transfer of wealth from the American taxpayer to their government, as we covered earlier in the day:

Trump walking up the stairs to Trump Force One without falling on his way to Ohio from Florida:

In Biden’s America, Americans and America are last when it comes to spending US Taxpayer funds for their safety and health:

In Biden’s America, Ukraine comes first, and he expects Americans to show it at home too, even while disaster from a trainwreck in Ohio happens to their own fellow Americans:

And Biden’s administration is rude and evasive and unconcerned – refusing to answer any questions about the plans to assist the people after calamity when it strikes Americans- as it has in Ohio:

In Trump’s America:

And he met with US Senator JD. Vance, who has been using his social media to petition the Biden administration for help for the people of his district:

Trump came with necessary provisions for the people in the area as media reports were that nearby grocery stores were running out of clean water for the residents whose water supply was a disaster:

Trump bought lunch for all of the First responders he could gather up:

People are noticing for sure:

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