AZ GOV RACE: Kari Lake Can Smash Joe Biden’s Intentional Border Crisis From AZ And Overturn Invasion, Her Opponent Only Wants To Overturn SCOTUS

Ben Bergquam is a head investive reporter for Real America’s Voice and the host of Law and Border on the network. Bergquam attended the Federation for American Immigration Reform event in Washington DC last week and had an opportunity to interview US Rep Andy Biggs from Arizona, an embattled border state, who talked about the massive human suffering on the border of his state and Mexico.

The race for control of Arizona could not be more of a tale of opposites, with the Democrat candidate, Katie Hobbs promising to keep state resources focused on targeting controls over abortion, while the Republican Kari Lake has promised to end the disastrous border invasion with her government authority.

Bergquam talked to Biggs about what could be done about the mess at the border and whether or not Kari Lake could really be a solution to the out-of-control Democrats.

Bergquam asked specifically about Republican Lake. Biggs confirmed that Lake has the potential to squash much of Biden’s border crisis by using her powers as Governor.

“Congressman Andy Biggs what is happening at the border only seems to be getting worse,” Bergquam said.

Biggs responded, saying, “it is getting worse. It’s intentionally getting worse. There are more drugs, more human trafficking on our border, more human smuggling, more control by the cartels, more money, leaving our economy to the cartels, and it’s all being done purposefully by this Administration. “

“What can American citizens do to stop this? ” Bergquam asked.

“They need to raise their voice. They need to change control of the house and the Senate this coming election so that Republicans can have it. And in the Republican leadership will then need to put feet to the fire of this Administration, given to enforce the law, the laws, they’re just going to enforce it,” Biggs answered.

“You have an opportunity in Arizona; with Kari Lake who said she’s going to declare the border is under Invasion and actually do it with the use a constitutional authority. She has said that- what do you think about that?” Bergquam asked Biggs.

“Well, there are people who have been reticent to declare an invasion because they’re worried about the law enforcement officers themselves being sued for liability over it, so I would recommend what should be done is let’s get a declaratory judgment right away.

Article 46 for Invasion Article, 1 Section, saying there is imminent harm, and let’s to get the local officials on that.

And Kari is right; we have state laws that would be what we can use against this Invasion that’s coming across because it is an invasion,” Biggs confirmed.

Thank you for being one of the good ones, Bergquam said.


According to local news there are already plans to defend the state against the actions of open border activists:

Bobb’s opponent is promising to stay obsessed about baby murder and allow open borders:

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