Bannon Daily-Fight Ahead for MAGA- War Room Ep. 3067 and 3068

While facing a very serious situation with the massive overfunding in the US Government, Steve Bannon laid out the problems facing the MAGA movement and some hope that we are not out of resources to help save the US Republic.

“You are either for limited government, or you are for the cartel. The vote for the CR will show us who governs us,” Bannon repeated during his Saturday, Sept. 20, 2023, program.

“We need to be clear about our purpose. This empire’s capital is blinded by their greed. Everyone knows that America is in decline. The elites have led the managed decline, and all they are focused on is grabbing as much as they can.”


In his customary way, Bannon weaves history with current events and his “insider” information while discussing the American “Empire” that our country has become.

A key point to Saturday’s episode is that Americans have lost jobs, opportunities, and liberty- because of the disastrous “Green and Woke” policies that make employing Americans so expensive, which then make it lucrative to move jobs overseas- and those “Green-Woke” policies are the exact policies that the US House and Senate are voting to KEEP FUNDING.

Bannon made the point numerous times on Saturday’s episode that the events of the day would expose who governs the American people. The show aired on Sept. 30, 2023, starting at 10 AM Eastern and ended shortly before Speaker of the House, US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), gave a press conference and laid out the votes for the US House for the day, including the vote to keep the government open – after an extended budget battle that had been unfolding for weeks in the nation’s Captial.

Episode 3067: Countdown To Shutdown; Getting To Limited Government:

The show opened with a segment from MSNBC that showed commentators trashing President Trump and MAGA -[00:1:00-00:5:45]

Bannon gave his opening by analyzing the vote to keep the government funded and talked about the following:

“This is a 30-front War. We have to break the fever tonight. The Leviathan is out to destroy our liberty. We are in a post-Constitution, almost dictatorship,” Bannon said [00:14:00]

Democrats want to send 80 Billion dollars to Ukraine, calling the government a “Leviathan”.

MAGA opponents are calling supporters of President Trump the “new confederacy” to discredit people’s concerns over the out-of-control spending.

Mike Lindell appeared at [ 00:10:00] to talk about new attacks on his business, My Pillow, saying he has been attacked since his Election event in August.

The Cartel keeps control of the money, and that is why we have to break the fever. That element has choked down the liberty and freedom of citizens. You are not a priority,” Bannon said. It is everything opposite of what this Republic is built on,” Bannon said [00:16:00].

[00:18:00- 00:49:00]

Bannon talked about the fronts, which are attacks on people involved in the resistance of the “administrative state,” from everyone from President Trump to state GA Rep. Colton Moore to people who answer the phones for My Pillow, who is being audited.

“The IRS is saying that my people can not work at home anymore; that is the new fight we are facing,” Lindell said [00:24:00]

Key Point: Biden is guilty of Treason; however, Trump is facing the destruction of his companies, and Lindell is facing severe pressure on his business for standing up for their country, and they want to put him in jail for over 700 years.

Trump’s speech from Detriot and California from this week. “Trump is not holding back,” Bannon said. This is a 30-front war, and we are winning, or else they would not be coming after us,” Bannon said. [0026:00]

Bannon talked about the importance of supporting the House members who were standing for the country and the difference it makes to them as they go through the appropriations process. At the same time, they push for measures to “Deweaponize, DeFang and DeWoke” the administrative state, which is where a lot of policies are that are “giving away the nation”. [00:29:00]

Importance of limited government, “The Math will win here,” Bannon said. [00:31:00]

Caroline Wren Tweet: HERE

Steve Stern talked about the Precinct Project [00:34:00]

“We are getting to a Trillion dollars of debt, and it has come out of nowhere. The only way to turn it around, and they want to do everything in the dark of night,” Bannon said about people praying the rosary at an abortion center. [00:38:00]

Bannon then talked about the funding of Ukraine and what a “fetish” it appears to be to the US Government to fund a foreign country.

Episode 3068: Gameday In The House

Bannon talked about a Punch Bowl Tweet: HERE and the strategy to elevate VA Governor Glen Younkin to challenge President Trump. [00:04:00]

Bannon Reminded people to call their House and Senate reps to push for more defunding in amendments, including the Holman rule. [00:06:00]

Discussion on Medicaid Medicare and other entitlements, the question is why Companies can not provide these things,” Bannon said. [00:08:00] These are some of the foundations of the Birch Gold papers.

The Sovereignty of the Nation [00:10:00], “You should be a priority, and you should not have to fund your own destruction. This is a Greek Tragedy. You are a good householder. It is the underpinnings of the Republic that make America good. It is the civic society. But there is an onslaught against you.”

Congressman Ralph Norman appeared to talk about McCarthy’s ‘Clean CR’ , saying, “they will surrender at any price as long as you do not shut down the government,” telling Bannon that McCarthy was running the new CR under “suspension”. [00:15:00] “The Shutdown is off the table. We have surrender that,” Norman said.

Bannon asked if – by giving the government the CR for 45 days if the appropriations process could go on; Norman said, “No. The only ones who benefit are China and Japan.” [00:18:00] “The cancer in this country is economic security, and we are in more debt and have a crisis at the border. None of this has anything to do with the border.”

Congressman Tim Burchett [00:20:00] talked to Bannon about the history of spending. “I hate the thought of a shutdown, but we need to get control of the fiscal situation. The whole system will collapse, and it will look like World War 2 Europe with people walking down the street with a wheelbarrow full of money for a loaf of bread. We have deflated the dollar so much. This is what we ran for and took the majority for, and what the old timers want. When there is chaos, this is when they load up funding for their special interests and buddies. It never ends. It is beyond belief.”

Bannon reminded people again to keep calling, referring to what Burchett was talking about: “We need to pass a budget and 12 appropriations laws. The CR just kicks it down the road. Economic disaster will be more than a blip.”

Bannon talked about the collapse of the country and the surrender of McCarthy to the Democrats to keep the funding going.

“The managed become of the country is the collapse of this country,” Bannon said. [00:27:00] There is about 120 Billion that has gone out to Ukraine, and they want 80 Billion more this year. They can not have a gap. You are going to see who you are governed by. All the World Economic Forum and the Globalists. These are the ones who fought Trump the whole way. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. You are seeing it in high relief. They want this crisis. They are only focused on financing Levianthian. And this is a moment of clarity. Even Jim Jordan is with us. If they fall in and get 2/3 and join the Democrats- the leadership has to go. You did not have the back of MAGA, who is the leading political force even though we haven’t taken the institutions; that is what this fight is about,” Bannon said, calling Trump Cinnanatus returning from the plow. [00:32:00]

[00:36:00] Bannon talked about how the whole CR process, being set up for a Saturday vote, is being designed to keep Trump out of DC.

Listen to Bannon trash DC over their Ukraine Fetish and ask WHY we are spending so much in Ukraine. [00:39:00]

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