Parade of Submissives Attacks Matt Gaetz Over Threats to Ukraine Heist of American Funds

So now we know for sure… there is a lot of money being funneled to Ukraine and a lot of people want some crumbs from that big, yummy cookie they are sending over to that part of the world. That is a lot of profiteering for the ‘political business” class of America.

120 Billion and more and more and more is being given away to Ukraine- and showing no sign of stopping..

US Rep Matt Gaetz is signaling that he wants the American people to be the focus of our government- and now he is in danger. DC is turning violent against the American people if we take people’s messaging seriously.

One lone little tweet in the social media world shook all of the nation on Sunday when Gaetz posted- simply, “I am trying to change Washington.”

But they do not want to be changed- so much. They want to stay in hiding and loot what is left of the tax base and profit from a yummy package that is being bundled and sent out of the control of the American people.

Here is what we have learned about the “leaders’ who really rule the United States of America- they are faceless bureaucrats who most working-class Americans have never heard of, and they have transformed our nation into something unrecognizable.

And our civil rights be damned.

Many civil servants and others who live off the government- aka the administrative state- have made a very comfortable life for themselves selling their wares and services to any highest bidder.

It is important to note that there are still people fighting to get our Republic back and return it to the people, like Gaetz, after Saturday’s uni party vote to avoid a shutdown where Republicans ran to Democrats to grab funds from taxpayers- instead of doing their duty to the nation.

This feels like a modern-day Robinhood.

We covered the story of how McCarthy pushed for Democrats to dominate the US House:

And how McCarthy betrayed us:

And now we report that Gaetz is not going to let what McCarthy did to us stand, and we alert you that trouble is brewing. This is what is unfolding:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) “State of the Union” that he plans to file a motion this week to overthrow Speaker Kevin McCarthy. “I do intend to file a motion to vacate against Speaker McCarthy this week. I think we need to rip off the band aid. I think we need to move on with new leadership that can be trustworthy,” Gaetz told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Gaetz could be channeling our founders.

The Founders started the USA with the idea of nonintervention, saying we do not need to interfere with foreign countries, and the government does need to work to make sure Americans’ natural Civil Rights are protected.

And now we know for sure after what McCarthy did that is nothing at all what we have. And with so many people now, in a massive federal government (who can not get jobs doing anything else)- are protecting their own rising ambition and their own bank accounts by using their positions for special interests who this weekend showed that they want American resources and power transferred to Ukraine. They do not care if transferring wealth to Ukraine bankrupts the American family or young Americans trying to make it in the world.

They do not care. Some were pretending to care for power.

Here is what happened on Sunday after the government made sure to fund the reckless government.

And now the establishment has found their scapegoat- and they have turned their furry on him… and all of MAGA is not too far behind as these same pundits who hate Gaetz invoke President Lincoln and refer to the rest of us a “the New Confederacy”… does anyone miss the message there?

Here is what happened over the weekend:

US Rep. Matt Gaetz TWEET And TWEET had interviews where he told the media that he was prepared to tackle McCarthy and try to get him removed from leadership over the corrupt actions on Saturday’s vote.

The Ukraine Profiteers posted their comments on social media that showed their loyalty had been removed from Americans, for example:

Rep. Jason Crow’s TWEET

“To my Ukrainian friends, the funding vote yesterday was NOT a sign of wavering support. It was a short-term budget compromise. Prior votes this week show strong congressional support for Ukraine. We’ll have opportunities to support Ukraine funding soon. Slava Ukraini!”

US Senator from Colorado Michael Bennett TWEET:

“Ukraine’s fight is not just for Ukraine. Theirs is a fight for democracy.”

Newt Gingrich TWEET while pimping his books:

“The effort to expel Matt Gaetz for being a destructive, irresponsible anti-Republican may be a step too far. Expulsion from the House requires a two thirds vote. However expelling him from the House Republican Conference and eliminating all his committee assignments and all resources other than those an individual member is entitled to would be a rational response to his suicidal efforts to cripple the House GOP.”

Larry BucshonTWEET:

“Matt Gaetz is a charlatan. He is threatening to remove Speaker McCarthy using at least 200 Democrat votes. He has been reaching out to them for votes! Is the hypocrisy lost on anyone? At least 200 House Rs will be voting to support the Speaker, including me.”

The Lincoln Project TWEET while they were pimping out their political consultant businesses:

“Ukraine is worth fighting for.”

Mark Levin tweeted while pimping his radio program:

Let’s remember-

Mark Levin, a talk show host who has been living off of the endorsement of President Donald J. Trump, after Levin trashed his own audience in 2016 for voting for Trump over Hillary R. Clinton for President, was quoted while trashing Gaetz. Unsurprisingly, Levin scolds free Americans, who are being called the “New Confederacy,” with Lincoln over his shoulder.

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