Bannon Daily: ‘We Have Gaza in the US’, War Room Ep. 3089 and 3090

Oct. 10, 2023, in the War Room, Bannon and his guests today were warning the American people of the looming danger to the American people and our nation on two fronts: the US government’s history of rushing into wars we don’t win and the threat of a wide open border with terrorists pouring in:

THEME: “This audience will pay the butcher’s bill of rushing to war, so you will have some say so,” Bannon said while sharing his essential point of view from his naval service in 1979, knowing the brutality of terrorists in the Middle East from the hostage situation under Jimmy Carter.

Bannon called Hamas “clearly animals,” adding, “but they have been animals for a long time, so we need to understand what it means for our sons and daughters to go to another 20-30-year war.”

CLIFFHANGER: “DC is pushing McCarthy to come back,” Bannon said, adding that the problem with Kevin McCarthy coming back is that he doesn’t care about the US border, where the size of the invasion of America, historically, is staggering.



Ben Berguam, Real America’s Voice Correspondent [42:00] talked about his investigations into the border crisis.

Sam Faddis [43:00] Talked about Substackcles at Substack.


Wall Street Journal Article

Sam Faddis’s article, When Does Gaza Happen Here?

[46:00] Jeremy Bash Clip

[1:35:00] Miley Clip

Times of Israel article about Egyptian intelligence

Episode 3089: Giving Up Control Of Our Border and Episode 3090: Sending Your Sons And Daughters To Foreign Battlefields

The show opened with a clip from Fox News of Lindsey Graham talking about escalating the Israel-Hamas war to Iran and Sean Hannity talking about a “new axis” of evil and how to rescue American hostages being held by Hamas. (see the word ‘new’- Bannon knew about it in 1979 during his service in the Navy.)

In the opening clip, Hannity interviewed US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), talking boldly about the Biden administration as if he had just discovered that Biden was a disaster to the US.

[6:00] Bannon talked about Ashli Babbitt’s birthday and reminded people she was killed at the US Capitol, and no one has been brought to justice. ‘Now they are talking about the axis of evil. In 2017, in the movie The Brink, I was talking about this and what would happen. They are calling us isolationists now, and I want people to remember you have leverage here. They need your votes, so remember that it is your sons and daughters who die in these wars,” Bannon said, encouraging his audience to call their reps and talk about who to support for Speaker.

(202) 224-3121

Bannon reminded people that the border that matters the most is the US Southern Border. “We have been invaded by the same regime by the same people who attacked Israel, and the voters of Biden’s are doing this. They want you to bail them out, but we need to take our time- using hostages, of course. Hannity never served,” Bannon said and talked about military service. [10:45] (RUMBLE CLIP Bannon Warns Of Israel-Level Disaster If U.S. Border Left Unchecked)

Bannon reminded the audience that the people who push for war don’t typically serve or have families who have served.

“We need to know how this happened before we go to war,” Bannon said, talking about a news article from Monday about Egyptian intelligence who warned Israel about “something big coming,” Bannon said, crushing Lindsey Graham ‘who wants to go to war everywhere’ and seems to forget that Miley is calling the last 20-year war a failure.

[14:00] “And those men and women were as brave as the greatest generation, and they are being called a failure,” Bannon said, talking about a movie called The Last 600 Meters and how he marketing the film- a first-hand account of rifle squads in Falujia. “They were courageous; a WW2 vet talked to the producer about the courage and valor of those riflemen.”

“Don’t forget the honored dead; what do we owe them? The march to war is wrong. We have to think this through. We have invasions of up to 8 Million illegals in our country. They want to funnel 100 million dollars to Ukraine, a money-making operation. Maga will have to pay the butcher’s bill, and it will not happen on our watch,” Bannon said- redirecting to the Southern Border of the US. (RUMBLE CLIP “You Have All The Leverage”: Steve Bannon Calls On The Deplorables To No Longer Bail Out The Elites)

[20:00] CBS Clip of Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and Miley calling it a failure and asking if the amount of death was worth it. “That is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. When your kids were deploying over there, you felt helpless. Remember, they call Hamas savages. Watch the footage. These people were animals long before Saturday morning, and the Egyptians told everyone it was coming,” Bannon said, talking about the coordination.

[22:00] “There is zero doubt that people didn’t know about this coordination with the Persians,” Bannon said.

“I am going to be like a Fire Bell in the Night,” Bannon said, talking about how we let in millions of illegal invaders and what that means for the American people.

“An active group of people hate America, and they are here and have plans. The bus loads are coming, and no one in the government knows where they are now because the border is being overwhelmed.”

This is a ten or 20-year war they want to get us into,” Bannon said, directing people to a Jeremy Bash clip, played on Monday’s show that explains a 10-20-year war and Bannon.

“What have we not learned from the Vietnam and Afghanistan wars? We have not learned how to listen to this audience,” Bannon said. ( RUMBLE CLIP Steve Bannon On Ukraine, Debt, And Israel: “Has Anyone Asked YOUR Opinion On This?”)

[25:00] The Wall Street Journal mentions the War Room audience just like the ADL has called MAGA domestic terrorists. “Harvard and MSNBC do not have his back. He may see that MAGA is the only group that has his back,” Bannon said.

[28:00] “What would the honored dead say about this war? Think it through first before sending people to fight,” Bannon said, talking about John Bolton and others who send people to war.

They will look you in the eyes and lie about the intel they have,” Bannon said in a very moving segment.

Wall Street Journal- planned for the wrong war article.

[35:00] They are going to pitch the hostages, and they want to implant combat personnel. They want Kevin McCarthy to be Churchill,” Bannon said, bringing Ben Bergquam on.

[37:00] Everytime I come down here, it gets worse. There are 200 people here. We have 10 miles of groups of people from all over coming from everywhere, and no one is stopping them. They are being invented and giving them water, food, and tags for their luggage. We are catering to the illegals. There are 1,000 more running through the bushes, and They are dressed in Camo. So these people in line are distractions while people cross the border,” Ben Bergquam said, talking about the wall.

[41:00] Bannon talked about the numbers and strategy of people crossing the border with Bergquam.

Are these the same types of people who raped women at the music rave in Israel? Bannon asked

Bergquam answered yes and talked about human trafficking and how people are prioritized for having children without knowing if the children they are with belong to them. (RUMBLE CLIP Ben Bergquam: “Every Time I come To The Border, It’s Worse”)

[43:00] “Southern Arizona will be Gaza,” Bannon said, and Bergquam added that they are being moved around the country so they are not staying in Gaza.

GUEST Sam Faddis talked about an article he wrote and the ‘hotbeds of Islamic terror” coming over the border.

There is no check on who is coming here; we know it is terrorists. Something has escalated. Everyone is coming, and we are pumping people in from known terrorist hotbeds. They are taking advantage of the open borders. No one is doing anything about it. We are doing nothing to stop it. We are paying to pump these people into the country.

[46:00] Jermemy Bash clip

[52:00] Sam Faddis talked about his credibility and worth for intelligence groups and his 2009 book on this topic against the backdrop of the Israeli military shooting. According to the Egyptian intel, Bannon spoke to Faddis about Netenyhau’s government and their intel. Faddis said he is no friend of Hamas and said, “I am sick of people starting wars with no objectives in these areas. They never think it and just want someone else’s kid to get shot.”

Bannon brought up again the probability of overlooking the attack, which was air, sea, and land and so well organized. Faddis agreed that there was no way this was a surprise,” Faddis said.

Bannon and Faddis talked about what is happening in the US with no border and no screening of the people coming in over our border again. “They dismantled every fence we had after 9/11,” Faddis said. “They never abandoned their plans for bombs; you are not just talking about 9/11. And it will be death on a scale we have never seen. We are not doing anything to protect ourselves. We are just waiting for it,” Faddis said, directing people to AND Magazine on substack.

[59:00] Regarding combat history, Bannon said, “You can hear the war toxins on Fox News. ”

Episode 3089: Giving Up Control Of Our Border

[1:05:00] Highlighted Wall Street Journal article trashing MAGA and calling for an urgent return of Kevin McCarthy. “They are about to get us into a war that could take 10-30 years and give our resources away.” It is going to start like a hostage rescue. We didn’t even get 1/3 of the way on Jimmy Carter’s attempt to get there- it only got solved with Regan, just like Trump and the threat of Trump, that can stop this,” Bannon said.

“Of course, the Defense industry loves it- because they do not pay the butcher’s bill,” Bannon said.

[1:13:00] Bannon read the WSJ article, Urgent Call for War. “Ask the honored dead, if they could come back and give us their wisdom, what would they say? I think they will say- think this is true. And make sure that it is a commit and not clowns on TV. The first regional war cost was 9 Trillion dollars, 9 thousand died, 50,000 injured, PTSD, and homelessness. And Ashli Babbitt was gunned down without investigation. That is what they think of your sons and daughters or in what agony they die. Do you think the WSJ is happy about the working class having power? They do not give a tinker dam. They want you to pay your taxes and send your sons and daughters to foreign battlefields to die,” Bannon said in an epic smackdown of the administrative state that profits from the war machine.

[1:21:00] Bannon talked about the WSJ article further, which called for the War Room audience to be isolated, and referred to Miley talking about the failure of the last regional war.

Bannon pointed out that suddenly, no one cares about Ukraine because the War Room exposed it as a money laundering front.

[1:25:00] This is the paper for the Neoliberal- Neocons. They call you the Deplorables, but like when the ADL guy realizes that MSNBC and Harvard support Hamas, he may change his tune,” Bannon talked about the hypocrisy of the leaders in DC. “You don’t like that we are awake to your cons and scams,” Bannon said.. talking more about the WSJ article that trashes MAGA.

MOST EPIC RANT: [1:28:00] Epic Rant about the forces against the Deplorables and the “DC Cartel” thought process.

“How did this happen in Israel? Pearl Harbor wasn’t a surprise, and we haven’t gotten the truth about 9/11. It wouldn’t make a difference if they didn’t need you, if you were not central to it. It is insane to believe them,” Bannon said, “But the Deplorables understand the scam. Because they know they will pay for it. The agony of the Dead and PTSD that will never go away will be here long beyond these wars they cause. And only you can stop it, and they know you can,” Bannon said.

[1:35:00] Clip of Miley talking about the wars. “I never even talked about we the living,” Bannon said about the families of the enlisted people, the NCOs, and all the broken marriages and families destroyed by war, as people in DC make money.

MOST EPIC RANT EVER: [1:37:00] Words can not describe these comments of Bannons- Must watch.. as Bannon shows his championing of the American people who have sacrifices

“You are not on the cover of the New York Times because you don’t have power. You are doing the work and paying the taxes; it is your sons and daughters. We have an all-volunteer military- look at who stepped up,” Bannon said. In Ep. Bannon highlighted the front page of the New York Times – watch that Episode: HERE.


HERE “Steve Bannon: The DC Elite Are Signing YOU Up For The Bill Of A Second Regional Conflict”

HERE “Steve Bannon: The Global Elite “Think Of You As Nothing But Cattle”

‘You are such great humanitarians as long as your ass is not on the line, and now they want another war and an urgent return of Kevin McCarthy,” Bannon said, slamming the US government players.

“Why can’t anyone tell us the purpose of these wars? One guy who gave the working class people a voice is Trump; that is why they hate him,” Bannon said. The people who run this country make me sick because they have no problem throwing away the best people who lived on this earth, and that is you. No government freed more people,” Bannon said.

“They think of you as cattle, and they do not want you to have an opinion, and you have been awakened, and enough people putting content out,” Bannon said, encouraging people to tell the government they do not have the consent of the governed.

[1:52:00] Bannon read Chip Roy’s tweet– that is a bit of walk back but not good enough, Bannon said. Bannon wants to focus on deportations.

Ben Bergquam returned and showed the buses of illegals at his location, saying that one bus was full of the luggage of the invaders, including Syria. ‘We are in Arizona, and if the election hadn’t been stolen from Kari Lake,” Bergquam said, reminding people about a new Law and Border episode that will go live on Saturday.

[1:54:00] Mike Lindell thanked the War Room for supporting My Pillow. (RUMBLE CLIP Claim Holiday Specials EARLY At

Episode 3090: Sending Your Sons And Daughters To Foreign Battlefields

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