Bannon Daily: ‘Our Deadly Day is Coming From Open Borders’ ,War Room EP. 3086 and 3087

Oct. 9, 2023, in the War Room, the show opens with scenes from bombing and chaotic shots of destruction and panic in Gaza after brutal attacks on the Israeli citizens that appeared to be a very well-coordinated military attack. Buildings being detonated, people running through the streets, and an MSNBC clip of Jeremy Bash talking about the failure of border security and a combination of terrorist-military groups at war with Israel.

And MAGA wants to pay close attention to what is unfolding because it will happen here.


“Israel is a country of only 100 targets, a small country of 9 Million, and they may need to go of office in the North Border as far as the Persian Gulf because if Iran is behind the attack, they would be justified to go after Iran,” Patel said, and that is the land war that Bannon is warning against America getting involved with.

That is why the battle of leadership in the US House is so important to stay vigilant over.

A Fox News clip was played: US Rep. John Duarent of California talking about getting Kevin McCarthy back as Speaker of the House due to the “emergency needs of Israel,” and he recommended even using the Democrat’s help to get McCarthy back.

SIGNAL: Bannon was emphatic that MAGA needed to stay focused on what a Middle East war would cost Americans, on how Intel allowed such a well-planned attack to happen, and what that means for the United States with our lax borders.

“Watch what they did to Israel and know our day is coming,” Bannon warned.


In the first hour, Kash Patel, National Security Advisor for President Trump, [15:30] talked about his article in Gateway Pundit, “Kash Patel: How Did the Biden Administration Miss WORLD WAR III?” Trump called Patel’s Book-Government Gangstas a “Blueprint.”

Ben Bergquam talked about his extensive knowledge of the US Southern Border.

Mike Lindell talked about the continuing media attacks on his business.


  1. Watch Jack Psobeic’s Twitter Timeline to see the raw footage of what happened to women and children, but be careful not to get sucked into wanting to fund their war.

2. Read Government Ganstas and watch: (RUMBLE LINK Kash Patel: How Did The Biden Administration Miss WORLD WAR III?)

3. Follow Ben Bergquam on social media.

4. Read the article Epypt Intelligence Warned Israel about Something Big. Consider that the US will soon see a similar headline about America because of the open borders.

5. Watch President Trump’s Monday Speech from New Hampshire

6. Call Reps about re-instating McCarthy. 202-225-3121

Episode 3086: The Siege On Gaza; Being Led Into A Land War and Episode 3087: Stop The Funding Of Oligarchs Pushing For War

[11:30], “OK, we are in the middle of it now, and MAGA is going to have hard work, and you are the conscious of the nation. Your sons and daughters will be called to fight and die in these wars.

Watch Jack Psobeic’s Twitter timeline.

Bannon talked about the war scenes from Israel- “it is horrific – let’s put a pin in that. They will show you what the world is up against, and this needs to be thought through because the war profiteers are having a great weekend.”

[14:00] The most important mission we have is the Southern Border, he said, describing the makeup of the people who had flooded over the US Southern Border

“The defense of this nation is of top importance. ” (RUMBLE CLIP The U.S. National Security From Its Border To Debt Crisis Must Be Fixed Before We Look Abroad)

[15:30] Kash Patel talked about his Gateway Pundit article and the importance of President Trump’s plans to go after terrorists.

“The question of how did they miss it. They took a year to plan this,” Bannon said.

“They were not looking, and it was scary,” Patel answered. ( RUMBLE CLIP Hamas’ Attack Was Enabled By Biden Diverting National Security Resources To Radical Leftwing Agendas)

[21:00] MSNBC Clip frustrated Bannonted about how the left frames the conflict.

“We still do not have the truth about Pearl Harbor or 9/11, Bannon said. “You are the rising power and the conscious of what has made this country great, so it is important to get this right.”

“We must understand our border.”

[23:00] Planning, training, and financing with Palestinian embeds took years. A logistically thought through, it can’t happen… right?

[24:30] “N,o it is not. As good as we are, we only have so much bandwidth. Patel talked about his article in Gateway Pundit about the framework and how it has been diverted to leftwing priorities, like climate change.

Bannon talked about the focus of intel hunting MAGA instead of looking for air and sea-land operations like what happened. “It is impossible to miss this, Bannon said.

Patel and Bannon talked about whether they missed it and were directed. (RUMBLE CLIP Steve Bannon: “We’re Getting Double-Dealt Everywhere In The Middle East”)

[30:30] Talk about Hamas and their funding with Iran.

Bannon brought in the Chinese Communist Party, and they talked about the CCP being partners with Iran.

“It is a Quagmire“- Patel said

“Republicans need to stop running around and think this through, or we will be in another Iraq war, and MAGA will decide,” Bannon said. “The Southern Border is what we care about.”

We have excellent customers; as hard as it is to see this historically, what draws people in is this kind of footage.

[37:00] Ben Bergquam on the Southern Border how many terrorists, CCP affiliates, are over the border and the US does not know about. The scale of this is so overwhelming. We need people to see the footage of what these animals did to footage, and that day is coming because of what we are allowing to happen on the southern border.

[39:00] We have terrorists we can not track, Patel said.”With help from Iran and CCP to establish themselves here, start sleeper cells and wait for the right time.”

Bannon talked about the axis of criminal gangs and partners with Cartels;” what they are doing with Fentanyl is just the reverse Opium War.”

[41:00] Patel gave more warnings about what America faces.

[42:00] We have terrorists in America who support Hamas; Bergquam showed a bus picking up illegals, talked about sneaking people over the border, and said it is closed down to Americans.

Ben Bergquam talked about his footage from Sunday night from Lukeville, AZ, with 500 coming through. Bergquam spoke about what was scary to him: the Border Patrol said they wanted him to report that they were getting huge numbers of invaders from Syria. Bannon said 100,000 fighting-age men are coming over the border. (RUMBLE CLIP Ben Bergquam: “The Traitors In Washington DC Have Prioritized America’s Defeat”)

[44:00] They are all focused on the destruction of America. They are not that big of a force.

[47:00] “Is Israel too woke?” Bannon asked, discussing the multi-pronged problem facing the US getting involved with the left’s war.

[48:00] “We need to focus on the border. What happened to the men, women, and children in Israel is coming here as sure as the Earth turns,” Bannon said.

[53:00] This is the border we care about. “That is coming to our doorstep. We have 200 terrorists and more that we do not know where they are. It is coming to our shores. It is treasonous behavior, and that is what Americans need to know. They are processing these people into our country as deep as they can. The CCP plays like this. They are up to their necks with the Mullahs.

[55:00] Ben talked about terrorists who have escaped into the country.

[57:00] Patel talked about his book Government Ganstas. makes the New York Times Best Sellers list but does not put the text on the list.

Episode 3086: The Siege On Gaza; Being Led Into A Land War

[1:05:00] Clip of war footage played as Bannon talked about defense stocks being increased as the market was struggling, “Defense stocks are on fire,” in a further warning about what 20 years of war has cost the middle class and working-class Americans with the number dead.

“Miley made ridiculous comments bout wars in the Middle East.”

[1:08:00] Clip of Miley talking about military failures of what Bannon called heroic warriors. “This is a tricky business we are in. It is a difficult life,” Miley said, prompting Bannon to scold Republicans over their rush into war.

[1:10:00] This has to de-escalate. Israel will strike them; I am discussing escalating and expanding a land war. “We need stabilizing.”

Is it a woke Israel with a woke IDF? These are not the same as when they were victorious over the Arab world.

IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND [1:12:00] MSNBC clip, again, of Jeremy Bash- same as opening first hour- talking about how Hamas was able to carry off a violent attack as they did.

Bannon brought up – Times of Israel article, Egypt repeated Something Big— remember that headline, it will be our headline. Look at the footage.

Did I overact about Ukraine, the CCP, and the Pandemic? We were right. There is a ticking time bomb that is about to go off. We can stop that. Every Republican needs to pay attention to the Southern Border.

[1:15:00] “No more money for Ukraine. Who else helped Hamas? We need to bang heads and find out. Who are the partners of Hamas, and who helped them?” Bannnond said. “TheKGB,” he added, answering his question.

“What do we have to show for the last war? Dead young people who died in defense of their country, nothing else,” Bannon said, ripping into Milley again.

[1:20:00] Clip of Hugh Hewet, who Bannon called a “Never Trump,” talking about getting McCarty back as Speaker. Bannon repeated that Republicans want McCarthy back to get as much to Israel as possible. Repeating, we need to focus on the Southern Border.

“Everyone in the Imperial Capital is grabbing money with both hands during the decline of America.”

[1:25:00] Mike Lindell was on to talk about My Pillow products, and he said that the War Room audience supports the company. (RUMBLE CLIP New MyPillow Specials Added Just For WarRoom Posse)

[1:28:00] IDF put out a shelter in place.

The show cut to Kevin McCarthy making live comments about antisemitism. Bannon called it “McCarthy as Churchill” and stopped the clip, redirecting focus to the Southern Border and how little McCarthy cares about it.

“The Southern Border is making the country a ticking timebomb, and they will make a considerable move to re-install him and calling on MAGA to stop them.” (RUMBLE CLIP Steve Bannon: “They Don’t Want You To Have Any Power”)

[1:32:00] Bannon said Trump is giving a speech at noon that is a “barn burner.”

[1:35:00] McCarthy is trying to use Israel to come back.

[1:36:00] Jack Psobeic appeared to show images of the bombing in Gaza over the weekend, comparing them to photos of WW2 and talking about statements from the IDF and the details of their attack on Hamas. (RUMBLE CLIP Jack Posobiec On Biden’s Failed Middle East Foreign Policy)

[1:40:00] “This is worse than what happened under Jimmy Carter,” Psobeic. Bannon brought up how our intel has been focused on hunting Maga and not this massively complex military plan to invade

[1:42:00] Psobeic talked about “Peace through savagery.” Why is Iran not freezing the money? Psobeic then talked about the weapons from Ukraine that showed up in battle.

“They want more money for Ukraine and tie it to more aid for Israel. They are trying to jam it all because they know no one will vote against Israel.”

“Zielinski is the new COVID, and he is the biggest loser because no one is paying attention to it; he, he lost the Nobel prize, which Psobeic said significant major policy shift to hold up their version of the world,” Psobeic said.

He predicted that the oil prices would soar and pointed to the reserve Biden gave to the CCP.

[1:47:00] Psobeic pointed out that Hamas is using the word “colonizers” because they are priming terrorists to attack us in 2024.

[1:52:00] Bannon talked about his Naval Service with the show sponsor (RUMBLE CLIP Check Out EnviroKlenz Today | Rewrite The Rules on True Healthy Living)

[1:55:00] Trump’s speech is coming up on Economic Nationalism and America First, and comments are expected about the war in Israel.

Episode 3087: Stop The Funding Of Oligarchs Pushing For War

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