Bannon Found Guilty, Reminds People To Pray For His Enemies, Sentencing 3 Months Away

As most of us dreaded, Steve Bannon was found guilty of Contempt of Congress.

BANNON GUILTY ON COUNT 1 (Contempt of Congress – Willful Failure to Appear for Testimony)

BANNON GUILTY ON COUNT 2 (Contempt of Congress – Willful Failure to Provide Records)

Grace Chong reported from the War Room engine room, “He told me, this is all noise, Grace. Pray for our enemies. HONEY BADGER DON’T GIVE A F-CK”.

Earlier in the day on the War Room show, Mike Davis chimed in on the circus in DC.

Judge Carl Nichols set October 21 sentencing for Steve Bannon. Bannon is expected to appeal.

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