Bergquam Solves Border Crisis: Register Migrants For MAGA

After months of investigations and interviews at the border, Ben Bergquam and Anthony Aguero- two Real America’s Voice correspondents- came up with a great plan to help the USA.

Just remember that Turn-about is fair play. Ok?

Together they decided to turn the planned Democrat voter registration drive, from the mass of illegal invaders, into a voter drive for the MAGA movement- because it makes more sense.

The old saying goes- if you can’t beat them- JOIN them- right? So the idea goes to turn those new Democrat voters- into Republican voters with some simple education about what they are voting for.

As the two investigative journalists correctly identified, the nature of the invasion we are seeing into the US is that many of the migrants who are fleeing their depleted homelands and seeking asylum in the United States of America- are disgusted with the socialism and Communism that robbed them already.

Why would these people risk their lives, leave everything behind- and get to the US to vote for the same problems that already ruined their lives?

Therefore- it doesn’t make sense that those people would want to vote for the pro-Communist, Pro-Socialist regime of Joe Biden- or any other Democrats either.

“You are a MAGA voter- for President Trump! Make sure you vote. We are at the end of the wall where Joe Biden sends illegals to invade our country. So since Joe Biden is doing this to get more illegal votes, we should do the same thing. They don’t know that Joe Biden and the Democrats are socialists and Communists- we are going to educate them so that they can vote for Trump,” Bergquam said in the video.

Bergquam and Aguero are right- the migrants who are coming into the US looking for jobs and opportunities- are pro-Trump; they are pro-MAGA.

This makes so much more sense!

Watch this- and enjoy- and share it will everyone you know.

Fighting for freedom and having fun!

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