Bannon’s War Room: Ep.3140 and 3141 ,’Time to Play Smashmouth with Government Over Southern Border’

According to Steve Bannon, host of the War Room program, the next 72-73 days will be a battle over funding on Capitol Hill. Americans need to understand every nuance of the fight, know where to go for real information, and learn how to access powerful action tools so they can be a part of the solution to help save the American Republic.

That is why everyone needs to understand Bannon’s War Room. Here are the highlight clips and the full two Episodes of 3140 and 3141, along with links and tools to equip and empower the War Room audience.

BANNON’S BIG QUESTION: “Why is the government more concerned about other nation’s borders than the one border that makes a difference to the American people? The border we care about is in the Southern USA- what gives access to the US, and we have a chemical attack on American citizens as well because of the drug cartels. The American people come first on American soil. They need to focus on who is being killed by the CCP and the drug cartels and to investigate because it is impossible to have these thigs happen without participation from the administration. How can Americans be evil because they want a border?” Bannon asked- and then he set out to answer these

THE SIGNAL Important Bannon Highlights:

14 Million Illegal Aliens To Exist Within U.S. By 2024 Election

Steve Bannon: Speaker Johnson Should Move Congress To “McAllen, Texas” Until The Border Is Solved

“Not One Migrant”: Steve Bannon Refuses To Let In The Dangers Of The Israel-Hamas Aftermath


Oscar El Blue Ramirez [0:15:00] his footage and investigations of the Invasion. [RUMBLE CLIP Oscar Ramirez: Biden’s CBP App Failing, Causing Surge At Border]

Todd Bensman talked about his lawsuits over the border.

Eric Prince [1:13:00] Talked about the unfolding conflict in Gaza. [ RUMBLE CLIP Erik Prince’s New Unplugged Phone’s Technologies Is The Opposite Of The Big Tech Model]

Laura Loomer [1:39:00] Discussed President Trump’s recent appearance at the RJC, and problems with nonprofits doing political work. [RUMBLE CLIP Laura Loomer Calls On GOP House Oversight To Investigate Dem’s “Philanthropy” Organizations]

CO-HOST [1:05:00] Natalie Winters talked about her latest Article [RUMBLE CLIP: Shady Ukraine Aid ‘Charity’ Partnered With US Government Is A Spin-Off Of A Consulting Firm]


Bill Blaster [0:36:00]

The US needs a political change back to remain in Mexico- to stop the invasion, according to Todd Bensman [055:00]

Trump’s Remain in Mexico Policy

FIRST HOUR: Episode 3140: Mass Deportations At The Border

The Tuesday, October 31st War Room show started with a clip from Bloomberg, highlighting the coming battles over spending on foreign wars and conflicts, with a correspondent talking about aid bills for Israel and other spending issues.

“The longer the conflicts drag on, the harder it is to sell the idea of spending back home,” she said, with a hint of disdain for the people who are in contrast to the show’s talking points and are Americans with concerns for their issues.

Morning Joe show clip mocking Americans over being concerned about their economic issues back in the US with extensive discussion about their problems with postponing aid to Israel.

The contrast between the political establishment and the American people about funding is growing more and more paramount as the 2024 general election comes closer.

Joe Scarborough, in the clip, bemoaned the Populist- America First movement was ‘tearing down America’s political institutions’

[0:13:00] Clip of a campaign ad for Matt Gaetz

Bannon talked about Charlie Dent- Nihilist right wing- all grievance all the time, Bannon announced, opening up to highlight what he says is the most prominent issue for the US- the migration of illegals into the US.

GUEST [0:15:00] Oscar Blue talked about his footage showing 6,000 people walking toward the borders of the United States, showing that people are coming from all over the world- telling El Blue that they plan to enter the US illegally.

[0:21:00] Show comes back from clip with Anthony Blinken- and a protestor screaming at a Senate hearing. There are other clips of protestors screaming about a ‘ceasefire’.

“These protests have been unfolding and they are taking over the office buildings on the Capitol grounds,” Bannon said, talking about the crushing blow to Israel in the information war.

“They are getting the tables run on them, I have to be blunt about that,” Bannon said, talking about the details of “dehumanizing Gaza” reminding us that the UN is mainly Muslim, which the US pours huge funds into.

[0:23:30] Bannon talked about the eventual of tent cities with refugees from Gaza and how America can not take any of Gaza’s refugees.

GUEST [0:25:00] Todd Bensman talked about special security aliens who need more vetting because of the countries they come from. “Senator Chuck Grassley wants more answers to vetting, and he wrote a letter. They are going to have a hard time with Grassley because they are bulldogs. They are not going to quit.

Biden and his administration concocted this invasion that is what we are talking about

BANNON RANT [0:27:40] “Not only are we going to close the border, we are going to bring criminal charges against who were parties to the treason,” Bannon said.

[0:20:00] Bensman talked bout more of his lawsuits, including the 270 people on the terrorist list, saying he wants to know what terrorist organizations these people come from. Bensman said he is getting nothing more than resistance from the Biden administration.

[0:31:00] “Every person who votes for the Democrats is voting for their own demise,” Bannon said, adding an important question, “Why are the Republicans not talking about this border and spending so much time on foreign funding?

[0:37:00] Bannon talked about finance and his writings for Birch Gold.

[0:39:00] Bensman talked more about the footage from El Blue and the “one-half a million a month coming in from all of the ways they are being transported into the country,” Bensman said.

[0:41:00] “We are looking at an additional 6 Million illegal invaders. That is bigger than North Carolina. Bigger than Michigan. This is the end of the nation. They are taking your eye off the ball. There will be no one to have the back of Israel. These are apparent facts now,” Bannon said, slamming the Republicans for allowing Bensman to do the hard work while they send letters.

[0:46:00] “Our elites are laughing at over the border. We are paying to destroy ourselves,” Bannon said. ‘time for some truth for the people who are pushing for our destruction. Check your lying eyes from Central America. This is not going to stop Bensman is telling us from the numbers. That is 6 Million invaders- and we are just sitting here accepting? We have people who are dead on battlefields who would ask- what are you people doing? We do not care about Ukraine- we care about America.”

[0:53:00] Breaking news about Mitch McConnell’s addition to funds for border security. “This is just to help process people, and it is just to help get funds to Ukraine for a money laundering operation,” Bannon said.

BANNON RANT: “We are going to rip the scab off, and all the puss will come off about Clintons.”

[0:55:00] “This invasion is absolutely planned out and well done to get as many people into the country as quickly as possible, and it is strictly about policy like remain in Mexico. It would take 72 hours for those people to realize they are going to be stuck in Mexico- we just need a policy change.

[0:59:00]Oscar El Blue and Bannon slammed Mitch McConnell, and his wife talked about US Reps being paid to destroy the US along with the Drug Cartels.

“How can they be focused on the borders of Ukraine and not what is happening in the US? El Blue asked.

SECOND HOUR: Episode 3141: Protecting Your Kids From Predatory Data; Colorado Is After Trump

[1:04:00] Bannon talked about ‘lancing a boil’ that will expose Ukraine’s corruption.

[1:05:00]CO-HOST Natalie Winters talked about her report on corruption in Ukraine.

[1:1300] GUEST Eric Prince talked about the Isreal-Hamas war and the pro-Mulism Brotherhood funding and messaging that is causing the protests and uprisings, saying that the conflict in Gaza is going to expand into other countries.

[1:16:00] Bannon talked about the military buildup in Gaza with Prince. I understand why they want to clean out Gaza. But don’t kid yourself it is the first act in a bigger problem with how Biden deals with Iran,” Prince said.

Bannon said it comes down to a problem with “the Persians”.

[1:24:00] Bannon talked about the importance of how the War Room impacted the Speaker’s race earlier in October, pushing for single-item appropriations spending.

[1:29:00] Bannon and Prince talked about how to prevent the conflict in Gaza from expanding to other countries and dragging the US into a bigger war, saying that commercially available data was being used to design the terrorist attack that started the early Oct. conflict that resulted in so many Israeli deaths.

[1:31:00] Prince talked about his phone, which protects data.

[1:38:00] Iran wants America to get into a protracted war of the Muslim world against the US but we do not have to get dragged into that. for a Revolutionary Phone.

[1:39:00] GUEST Laura Loomer joined Bannon to talk about how President Trump has protected the backs of Israel and Jews and Trump’s recent appearance at a Jewish group.

“Sometimes the Jew’s worst enemy is Jews themselves, such as people like George Soros who supports Muslims,” Loomer said.

[1:43:00] Loomer talked about the pressure against her and how she has been banned for talking about Muslim groups, including for being de-platformed when she ran for Congress.

Loomer and Bannon talked about Trump being de-platformed and being in court and taken off the ballot in some places.

[1:48:00] About George Soros

[1:54:00] Loomer talked about the problems with nonprofits doing political work.

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