Ben Bergquam’s VIDEO Message From The Hospital: ‘God Bless Frontline Doctors’

Founder of Frontline America, Ben Bergquam, also a lead reporter for Real Americas Voice delivered a message from his hospital bed about his experience with COVID and double Pneumonia, and he had some inspiring advice about beating the illnesses that are going around.

“Just wanted to give you guys some encouragement and let you know my status over these last couple weeks. Bottom line is God is good all the time,” Bergquam wrote.

Ben was hopeful, although the last few weeks have been scary for him, as he got severely ill, and ended up in the hospital after being very cautious about seeking medical treatment from them, due to a massive loss of trust in the government and the medical establishment as a whole.

“The Doctor told me that anyone with the stage of Pneumonia that I have are dead,” he said.

“I don’t want to hear anything more about vaccines until Joe Biden has secured the border,” Ben, who has spent a great deal of time reporting from the Southern border, said.

“The doctor said I am recovering because I am fit and healthy, and that is that I want other people to know about,” he said.

Ben, wearing an ‘America First” shirt, took the opportunity to praise God for saving him, and invited Jesus back into the country. “I want you to hold the CCP accountable for what they have done,” Ben said.

Listen to his harrowing story, and support him at links on the front page- if you feel so led.

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