Ben Berguam Interview On Tru News, ‘The US Borders Are Gone’

Ben Bergquam appeared on Tru News to talk about his courageous reporting on the Southern Border of the United States. He investigates the stories Americans need to know about and which the media will not cover.

From Tru News:

“Christian Immigration Reporter Ben Bergquam comes on Tru News to discuss the crisis on the Southern Border, the Haitian migrants being dumped at gas stations, cartel human trafficking, and the Catholic Charities behind the invasion,” Tur News reported.


Ben told Tru News reporter:

“Every single American should be scared. There is no more border. We have documents to show that the immigrants are from Chile and Guatemala. Some of them are wealthy and come from places like Africa. So there is a cross-section of poor and wealthy. What is important to know is that the[ Mexican] Cartel run everything. Cartel members have been hired to look like Government officials, even. The biggest problem I see is the NGOs who are training people to get in illegally. They get federal funds. We have seen that our immigration system is so overrun that the illegals are getting documents that say they need to show up to court on their own in 60 days, so they are just being allowed to run loose in the country,” Bergquam said.

They have been told to say they are applying for asylum. Brandon Judd, an expert, said some people do show up for their court dates, but the hearings are five years from now. In some places, they are ten years backlogged,” Berquam told the surprised news crew.

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Watch the full interview at the link above.

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