Bergquam Goes To Bat For Kids- Smashes Communist Grooming In Schools

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America, and a leading investigative reporter for Real Americas Voice, smashed Communism on Tuesday by pointing out the Communist grooming for obedience that is happening in US public schools.

It is simple things like this that can really wake people up! What happened here? Check it out!

Bergquam, who knows a whole lot about how the left operates- posted a video that had originally been posted by a poster Dion Cini – OperationFlagDrop@dioncini

In the video is seen a teacher watching school kids running around a rooftop, playing what looks like a typical schoolyard game, but something very weird is going on. Something sinister.

What Cini points out pushed Bergquam to smash Communism!


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