Bergquam Not Impressed With Abbott’s Words About Invasion: ‘I Want To See Action’

Republican Governor Greg Abbott chose Tuesday to make an announcement about what he plans to do about an invasion on the US Southern border in his state, which sounds proactive for the nation- however, Ben Bergquam, an investigative reporter for Real America’s Voice, who has covered the border extensively- tole Steve Bannon on the War Room program that he is not impressed with Abbott’s words- that he wants to see action on the border.

Here is Abbott’s announcement:

It happens on the same day that Title 42 is lifted, meaning the border is now open and free from restrictions- which will impact an overly burdened border patrol agency:

Bergquam appeared on War Room with Steve Bannon to talk about his investigations on the border and why he lacks faith in Abbott to make a determined stand for border security:

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