Biden Border Disaster Exposed In Real-Time With Ben Bergquam Reports [VIDEO]

Ben Berquam, a reporter for Real Americas Voice and frequent guest on Steve Bannon’s War Room, exposed a group of people crossing into the United States recently on video. As typical for Ben Bergquam’ss reports, the video is something the left does not want you to see.

“Ripping up documents and just walking on in! A video the left doesn’t want you to see. From Acuña Mexico. #BidenBorderDisaster,” Bergquam posted on Friday.

Amazing! As Americans face threats of a second shutdown of our way of life and face forced vaccinations and rising health concerns, we have foreigners invading the open borders of our country. And it is all happening while under the reckless watch of Democrats Biden and Harris in DC, with their administration approving, in partnership with a Congress that is wholly out of touch with Americans.

CALL TO ACTION! Watch and share this video and support Ben in his activism, bringing Americans real news about the Biden Border Crisis.

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