Bergquam’s Startling Encounter in Narco Cartel Territory, Abandoned Vehicles with no Border Patrol Presence

In a recent broadcast, Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, described seeing a group of people attempting to drive around a border checkpoint in a modified vehicle in a spot on the US Southern border near the border security, where there is no border patrol law enforcement to be seen.

Narco Cartel Territory is a real thing:

According to the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit in Mexico City, as of 2020, the cartel has palpable territory within the Mexican regions of Sinaloa, Baja California, Baja California Sur, Durango, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Edomex, Mexico City, Jalisco, Zacatecas, Colima, Aguascalientes, Querétaro, Guerrero,

“This is day three of our trip across the border. We’re at Sasabe. Sasabe is six miles away, and there is not a single Border Patrol agent in the town of Sasabe. We’re all the way out here. We saw one car with a full load of illegals, fly past us going the other way. It looked like it might have been a group of humanitarians that picked then up. It looks like it was actually trying to drive up and around. This is crazy, guys. This is Narco cartel controlled. This just happened. It looks like somebody actually tried to drive this thing from Mexico all the way up here. This is nuts, man,” Bergquam said, showing a car that looked wedged near the border security wall:

Bergaual also revealed the tactics he has investigated that are used by illegal invaders to hide their identity, as he was able to pick through a pile of rubbish to find IDs and money:

“These guys come through. Don’t want you to know who they are. They dumped their passports on that side. And then they make up a name and we, in the US accept it. That’s how stupid we were,” Bergquam said, adding more while pointing to a border camera: “We have a camera Border Patrol camera right here. That looks down and sees them actually cutting it. We just let them do it. It’s the same pattern everywhere. They dropped their documents, so we don’t know who they are. They make up their new names because the NGOs have instructed them. But the crazy thing is, they dropped their currency.”


During his most recent investigation, and while following the path of illegal invaders back, Bergquam finds out that people have come to the US from Senegal and Guatemala, Iraq, Sudan, and Guinea. They are being held at the US-Mexico border and transplanted to numerous cities, including New York, Dallas, Colorado, and Wyoming, even if the area doesn’t have adequate facilities or social services support.

“t’s every single day. It’s nonstop so they have buses from the border patrol come and drop these people off. They don’t have anywhere to keep them here. So they keep they basically hold on outside the back of his building. And then the Casa elitist buses come and pick them up and take them to sun all day. Every day in Dallas. Everywhere. It’s like this now guys everywhere, everywhere,” Bergquam said.


According to a November France 24 report:

People in Mexico’s southernmost state, Chiapas, have for the last year and a half, been living through a conflict between rival criminal groups. The Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel are both vying for control of the territory. The state, which borders Guatemala, has long been a hotspot for trafficking drugs, arms and migrants. But ravaged by years of inter-community conflicts, the security situation in Mexico’s poorest state is now spiralling out of control. In the face of growing insecurity, the left-wing rebel movement – the Zapatistas – recently announced that their self-managed municipalities, called “caracoles”, will be dissolved in what looks to be a political retreat. Quentin Duval, Laurence Cuvillier and Ed Augustin report.

And what we know from other independent journalists is that the trouble is being brought right into our cities and towns in the United States, as Hernando Arce reported recently:

“Another NGO coyote van at the @GreyhoundBus transporting invaders into America never to be seen again !!”

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