Biden’s First 18 Months: US Taxpayers Pay For Increase In Illegal Migrants ‘The Size Of The State Of West Virginia’

In his opening statements, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) gave opening remarks during a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on Immigrant Military Members & Veterans that slammed the Democrat administration of Joe Biden.

In his target was Secretary of Homeland Security Myorkas.

In April, secretary Myorkas told this committee in sworn testimony that the southern border is secure.

This, of course was untrue. We later discovered that during the time he was testifying that his own people were encountering the highest number of monthly migrants in our country’s history.

That was 234,000 in a single month. In addition, under his orders and policies, more than half of them were delivered and trafficked into the United States.

That’s the equivalent of adding a population the size the Lansing, Michigan, in a single month!

It’s no surprise that the border chaos continues today, setting a new monthly record for CBD encounters at 239,000.

Already in just 18 months, this Administration has allowed into the United States on a border relased invasion an illegal population that is the size of the state of West Virginia.

Myorkas couldn’t tell us how it will benefit the American people to have their classes packed with non-English speaking students, and their emergency rooms flooded with illegals demanding basic care, how their families will be safer with an increase in gang activity in general inundating our communities, or how Americans family will fare better by flooding the labor market with cheap-illegal labor while they foot the bill for social services.  

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