Biden’s Wall Easily Kicked In: “This Should Piss Off Every Single American”

Ben Bergquam, the host of Real America’s Voice Law and Border, has been covering the details of the border crisis from all over the world and appeared week on Real America’s Voice with Grant Stinchfield to talk about some new details of how Border Control is handling the invasion with a flimsy barrier that is easily kicked in, in the El Pasco Texas region.

“There definitely seems to be coordination between the U.S. government and what is happening in Mexico and [with] the cartels.”  

Bergquam pointed to proof- when US Rep Veronica Escobar predicted that El Pasco would become like Ellis Island to Illegals back in 2022.

We covered that story at the time it happened:

@BenBergquam, speaking from El Paso, says illegal immigrants are being told they cannot enter the United States by crossing through razor wire set up by the Texas National Guard. But, regardless, members of the Border Patrol are allowing those illegals in through the gate.

WATCH [29:00]:

And it is not just in El Paso where Bergquam is seeing these problems.

Ben Bergquam’s TWEET with footage from the broken down wall. News of how shoddy the Biden administration’s attempt at building a border security wall comes at the same time Bergqaum appeared on Real America’s Voice War Room program to talk about the importance of why the United States needed a wall in the first place.

“While we’re all focused on these massive groups that are coming through the Darien gap and all coming up by train headed toward Eagle Pass, Texas, all of those illegals are a distraction for these guys, you can see right here.


“This, this should piss off every single American. This actually was a wall that Biden took it down to make room for the new wall.

This was all President Trump’s wall that was gonna go up, and the material that was going to be used, and, they took it down and left the area wide open.

Joe Biden took it down and said over and said we’re not putting that wall up. We’re just gonna let that rot out here in the desert, and then, to make it worse, they put this temporary garbage up.

That does absolutely nothing you can see right here; they just bend the stuff back. It is folded back right here; they’ve got a cinder block, they’ve bent it back, and all day long, you’ve got illegals coming through here.

They just simply climb right through there, and they run through the landfill when they think it’s a safe time to get across while border control is taken over to process all the illegals that are coming through.

All of those illegals that Joe Biden and the Democrats have invited. And these are the people who don’t want to get, caught because they are not doing good things”.  

In another TWEET, Bergquam showed the successful wall build by the “We Build The Wall” Project in the Mt. Crisco Bay area of New Mexico.

Going further, Bergquam’s TWEET explained how the Border Patrol had been relocated from the Border Wall to Illegal Immigrant Shelters., as Illegal Immigrants are being housed in El Paso holding facilities, hotels, And even a Middle School.

That should be alarming as news is spreading about the dangers of housing and protecting illegal invaders from a viral TWEET showing footage of a security guard at a New York hotel.

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