Chicago Under Siege: Filmed Crime Epidemic and Lawlessness in Wake of Drug Activity

Ben Bergquam, Terry Newsome, and Pastor Lowery updated the American people about the out-of-control crime and open destruction of American law and order happening in Chicago while filming a drug-related activity involving illegal immigrants to America.

A group of men were filmed selling and doing drugs. At the same time, Bergquam expressed his frustration with the Democrats, blaming them for the situation as a result of the open borders and lax law enforcement at the federal level.

It sounds like something out of a Trump 2024 ad:

“They throwing gang signs up, man. As if they own the country but, just like I’m sitting here, we are not worried about that. Okay. We just gonna do what we got to whatever happens happens, but I’ma make sure that you all right, and then we are.

Okay, as well. Yeah, that’s it. American people. Gotta rise up, man. We got a good Trump in 2024 this unquestionably. That’s all the Democratic party stuff, man.

This is what they brought our country to and we gotta stop it And watch them here for the ball. That’s it. Yep, this guy, one of the guys in there, getting in there, we’re dealing with gang members. We’re dealing with thugs from other countries.

They don’t care if you’re coming from a, I climate a culture of death, they don’t care, But that’s what you’re doing. And that’s why it’s so important that we got, uh, you know, the American people, everybody doesn’t matter.

White black brown, doesn’t matter. We got to come together as American citizens against this. It’s the American people. Now, we have to be one. We gotta, we got it. Watch each other’s backs. We got a promote each other because these illegals have come to replace all of us, the big business man. Trump 2024 Trump 2024.

That’s the only way that we gonna get our country back and make this country great again,” Lowery told Bergquam for the video camera.

Pastor Lowery urged American citizens to unite, regardless of race, to support Trump in the 2024 election to restore the country.


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