Escape from CCP Persecution: A Journey of Freedom and Cautionary Tale from China

Fleeing Persecution: A Family’s Escape from China

Ben Bergquam and Oscar El Blue Ramirez, accompanied by a Chinese man and his family, shared their harrowing journey of fleeing persecution in China, citing their Christian beliefs and the oppressive actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Chinese man recounted their escape, emphasizing the risks they faced. He conveyed through a translator ap on his phone, “We escaped from China on January 4, as Chinese customs intercepted our household phone calls.” Describing their ordeal, he explained, “We started from China because we are Christians, and the CCP persecuted my wife and daughter. We escaped using different routes, with many others seeking refuge.”

Detailing their route, he continued, “We were smuggled from Yunnan, China, to Laos on January 7, then took a train to the border. My wife was smuggled into Vietnam due to a sprained foot, while my daughter and I crossed the border separately.”

He expressed concerns about CCP infiltration and cautioned against Chinese technology due to surveillance risks. He warned, “Communism brings dangers based on our experiences.”

The family affirmed CCP’s infiltration into migration movements, asserting, “If America turns to Communism, it will be worse than Hell.”

Bergquam prayed with the family, stressing the distinction between the CCP and the Chinese people. He advocated for freedom and liberty for both their family and the people of China.


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