COVID RELIEF FUNDS: Used for Government Border Guerrilla Camps and Shantytowns

The US Government is paying for the resources to support the massive migration of illegal invaders into the United States, and they are betraying the American people by trying to hide the details of what they are doing.

And it may come as a surprise to some people that while millions of illegal invaders are not getting tested for COVID, the money to help them set up new lives in America, at the expense of the US Taxpayer, is coming from cash earmarked as COVID relief funds.

They call it the “Welcome Center” Process.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and the host of Law and Border, uncovered some startling facts about what is happening in the name of ‘Non-profits- serving Humanity,” which is really a massive money-making human trafficking problem, according to his investigations.

Earlier this month, Bergquam encountered a group of people while he was at a recent investigation, who were seen setting up a makeshift shanty town on the US Border to assist the Mexican drug cartels in transporting illegals into the United States of America and through the Welcome Center process.

What is interesting about this most recent footage is the amount of provisions that are being transported directly to the border and right up the Security Wall, as if they could not get much closer to being the first to grab the illegals as they come to cross our border.

We know from a 2022 report from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Massachusetts, that such groups have caused a lot of problems and faced criminal charges for “sham marriages” to help people have an excuse to get into the US- see this 2022 Press Release.

So, upon finding this group setting their little town up, Bergquam had suspicions about them and attempted to interact with the people on the scene, and they responded by filming him and refusing to talk.

Bergquam speculated for his audience that the workers on the scene might be associated with a collective or a nonprofit that he is aware of from previous investigations, who get government assistance to support the illegals who are living between the border walls.

In the video, Bergquam repeatedly attempts to engage in conversation, expressing confusion about the purpose of their filming him. However, he doesn’t stop as he walks along and examines the tents full of provisions.

The individuals seem protective of their activities and even somewhat threatening as they walk alongside and behind him, refusing to utter one word to him as he explores the area where the group is organizing their supply of food, blankets, and other items.

Bergquam talks about his suspicions regarding the organizations’ motives, mentioning leftist and communist affiliations and questions the potential involvement of some individuals in the U.S. with cartels and human trafficking.

When asked if they are ok with assisting in human trafficking, the workers who are setting the little town up for the illegals refuse to answer.

By the end of the video, Bergquam did confirm with a woman who thought he was a volunteer that the group he suspected- was indeed the group for which the workers were setting up the shanty town.



According to a San Diego report, something called “The Welcome Center” has gotten a lot of funding. Check out this article and watch the following video:

According to the video report, the motion to allocate more federal COVID relief money for migrants arriving in San Diego passed, with Supervisor Desmond being the sole dissenting vote.

Between September and December, Customs and Border Protection released 2,000 migrants into the county, managed by the South County nonprofit SPCs.

While praised by the county’s Chief Administrative Officer, some nonprofits criticized SPCs, citing concerns about accountability and transparency.

Due to growing tension within San Diego’s nonprofit community, the executive director of the Immigrant Defenders Law Center and other community leaders urged supervisors to distribute the new funding to other organizations. Supervisor Vargas acknowledged the ongoing challenges, expressing a need for continued federal funding to address the situation.

SO-San Diego is being overrun by nonprofits fighting over money, and the media covers it as a humanitarian struggle that Americans must pay to fix:

In late September, a San Diego church led by Rev. Brad Mills faced an unexpected influx of migrants seeking help. Over two months, more than 42,000 migrants were dropped off on San Diego County streets by U.S. border authorities, overwhelming local nonprofits, they reported. Looking for an opportunity to make more money, groups reached out for assistance, citing the massive influx.

The situation led the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to allocate $3 million for migrant support services, creating new non-profits to profit from the new funding source.

The measure to fund the nonprofits passed with a vote pending for an additional $3 million.

The mass of wandering humans strained resources, prompting criticism and calls for federal intervention. The migrants, including vulnerable populations, were released without proper assistance, leading to challenges for local nonprofits in providing shelter and resources, which is not something that many of them expected.

Mills reported that his church faced difficulties due to the unprecedented number of arrivals, and local authorities sought additional funding to address the issue.

The controversy over fund usage and transportation costs raised concerns, with nonprofits advocating for improved transparency and long-term infrastructure development.

This Cal Matters story features the journey of individual migrants, highlighting their struggles and the need for ongoing support, without asking what all of this struggle and human need does to escalate crime, strife, and poverty to the American people.

That is what the America First agenda does; it asks the questions about why America can not tend to our own people first.

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