SHUT THIS DOWN: More Shocking Undercover Footage of Children’s Camp for Trafficked Illegal Migrants

One of the most shocking aspects of the illegal invasion of the U.S. Southern Border is the swift and cunning organizing of a human slave trade that, to keep running, needs the total collapse of American law and order- and a willing US House of Reps who are refusing to use their powers to stop it.

Evidence is emerging that we have a serious problem in the US and the American people are growing more alarmed about the idea of creating a sex trade made up of children. This used to be an issue Democrats cared about- when they thought it was exemplary virtue signaling.

The following story and undercover footage perfectly illustrate why we need President Trump back in the White House, with a House of Representatives and a Senate that are vigilant and will stop this transformation of the United States of America into slave masters over the world’s most vulnerable children.

The Biden administration, emboldened by the United Nations Compact for Migration, has apparently allowed Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to set up housing facilities for illegal invaders, including unaccompanied minors, who are being cared for in government centers without much oversight at all.

Here is some more footage that should concern people.

The following footage is of a citizen journalist, pretending to be looking for his child aged 5-6 years old, who caught a conversation in Spanish with a worker from such a camp in the state of Texas. The unidentified worker, who appears to be helpful and concerned, tells the undercover journalist that children of that age are at the facility where they are. There are also migrant camps for children all over the United States.

The footage was provided by Joesph Trimmer– to support his work: GIVE SEND GO

And it comes on the heels of another report, from another independent media source, Tenet Media, who exposed the willingness of US Law Enforcement to actually assist in hiding the details of what is unfolding:

Human trafficking in the United States, particularly involving unaccompanied minors, reveals a disturbing reality that demands urgent attention. Shocking evidence has emerged, shedding light on the vulnerability of young individuals who arrive in the U.S. without proper guardianship. These minors, often fleeing dire circumstances in their home countries, become targets for human traffickers seeking to exploit their desperation.

The evidence we are seeing from independent sources points to a complex web of exploitation, where traffickers capitalize on the lack of support and protection for unaccompanied minors. The traffickers, preying on the vulnerability of these young individuals, subject them to various forms of abuse, including forced labor, sexual exploitation, and other illicit activities.

The issue underscores the importance of strengthening measures to safeguard unaccompanied minors, both during their journey to the U.S. and upon arrival. This includes improved screening processes, enhanced collaboration between authorities and non-governmental organizations, and increased resources for support services. Additionally, addressing the root causes that drive individuals to flee their home countries, such as poverty and violence, is crucial in tackling the systemic issues that contribute to human trafficking.

As the evidence continues to unfold, it serves as a stark reminder of the need for comprehensive and compassionate strategies to protect the most vulnerable members of society from falling victim to the horrors of human trafficking.

However, Democrats want to brush all of the concerns away- claiming that the open borders is their approach to humanitarianism. Republicans are saying that their passive humanitarianism is actually helping to cause death and human slavery. Many Republicans want the government shut down until the border gets under control with real measures.

We covered that earlier in the week:

As the government becomes almost paralyzed to protect the sovereignty of the United States, there are a handful of Republicans who are on the Hill trying to reign in the danger presented by such a massive human trafficking operation as the Democrats and Joe Biden have built, as we reported last week:

And this is why the United States needs Trump back.

As we have written about for years now, the United Nations “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration”, adopted in December 2018, aimed to provide a comprehensive framework for international cooperation on migration issues. This non-binding agreement sought to address the challenges and opportunities associated with global migration, emphasizing the protection of illegal migrants’ human rights and the promotion of well-managed migration policies.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and the host of Law and Border has been exposing these camps in his own investigations for a number of years, including:

Bergquam undercovered a massive con, which showcases the amount of fraud the Biden administration is allowing :

Here are the key points about the differences between the candidates: In December 2017, President Donald Trump’s administration announced its decision to withdraw the United States from the Global Compact for Migration. The administration expressed concerns about potential infringements on U.S. sovereignty and argued that the compact could undermine the country’s ability to control its borders and enforce immigration policies.

Critics of the withdrawal argued that the compact was a cooperative effort to address the complex realities of global migration and emphasized the need for international collaboration. The decision to pull out sparked debates on the role of international agreements in shaping national immigration policies.

President Trump’s withdrawal from the Global Compact for Migration highlighted the tensions between national sovereignty and international cooperation on issues of global significance, such as migration. The episode reflected differing perspectives on addressing the challenges of increasing global migration flows.

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