Dear Joe Biden: Where Is $450,000 For Angel Moms?

In one of the most inhumane and abusive moves against the American people, Democrat Joe Biden and his Democrat administration had devised a scheme to funnel a massive amount of wealth to illegals, who broke into the country, claiming that President Donald J. Trump caused them to be separated from thief child when they broke in.

US Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) recently posted about Biden’s insanity:

It is a total mockery of America’s sovereignty and our rule of law, but it is especially crass considering the fact that American victims of crimes by illegals are left broken-hearted and empty-handed.

This is so outrageous! This is what Democrat voters support.

Watch as Angel Moms, parents who have lost a loved one to a criminal illegal alien, describe the vicious and psychopathic methods of murder their children experienced- and ask yourself why Biden is paying off illegals for coming into this country.

If this doesn’t piss you off- then, simply, you are numb.

“Illegals don’t deserve a dime from the American people! Joe Biden and the Democrats are spitting in the face of every Angel Family! These are the separations that matter. Please share this and tell America the truth,” Ben Bergquam reported.

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