Death of our Nation: NGOs have made Billions on Completing Obama’s ‘Transformation of America’

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam left Littlerock, Arkansas, on his way to Colombia to get an exclusive look at the UN-Leftist-driven human migration into the United States of America, that is happening from all over the third world.

Economic migrants, who are the victims of socialism and Communism are fleeing to the US, as detected by Bergquam in many reports over the last two years.

Bergquam is one of a handful of reporters who has gone to the area to investigate what is causing this influx of people to leave their homelands and try to get to the open borders of the US.

The Darién Gap  is a geographic region of Panama connecting the North and South American continents within Central America, consisting of a large watershed, forest, and mountains

The “gap” is in the “pan American highway”.

Bergquam has been to the area numerous times to investigate the cause of human migration and discovered that number Non-Government agencies and nonprofits are assisting in human trafficking, drug smuggling, and many other crimes; however, upon his most recent departure, Bergquam noted a massive increase in the number of foregein speaking groups at the airport, where he detected that the groups were in the United States illegally.

The massive migration is caused by the Global Compact on migration, which has no oversight, and that President Donald J. Trump removed the US from.

What started with radical Marxist POTUS Obama, Joe Biden re-entered the US back into, and ever since, the massive influx of foreigners from all over the world has been felt by the United States.

“The transformation is complete; this is the death of our nation and why they indicted Trump to cover this up,” Bergquam said in his video.


Upon arriving in the Darien Gap area, Bergquam detected an increase of busses that appeared to be moving eight bus loads of people and then 10-11 buses.

Bergquam was with a guide who said they would be visiting the migrant camps where the people in the busses were hanging out before being shipped up to the US borders.


As covered by Bergquam and Frontline America, NGOs have made a lot of money people around:

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