Stephen Miller Explodes! ‘Hidden Power Centers are Exposed and Globalists are after Donald Trump’

America has to thank Attorney and Former Trump political advisor and speechwriter Stephen Miller, who worked on Capitol Hill for a decade, for helping reveal the corrupt nexus between Congress and our intelligence and security agencies – and it doesn’t take too much of a stretch to believe that these same ‘uniparty’ people must be the VERY SAME people who are dictating the disaster events on the border – with the secret flights all over the country that produces the deadly fentanyl crisis – the horrifying sex trafficking crisis.

The list of crimes against the American people could go on and on…

Miller appeared on the Tucker Carlson show Frinday day and exploded at the unfair looming arrest of President Donald J. Trump, who polls show is the leading Republican Presidential candidate for 2024.

“What is this all about? Why do they want to stop him so much? Because he infuriated foreign policy officials. The current indictment is about what they care about the most is control the foreign policy,” Carlson said.

What Miller told Carlson was pretty clear: “The foreign policy establishment is after Trump”.

“What is Donald Trump’s crime?…His crime is refusing to bow or bend to the corrupt and rotten foreign policy establishment that is used to always getting their way in this country.” Miller, the foreign policy advisor, told Carlson.

And what we know is that the Globalists are not just attacking the United States of America

“We saw the secret power central use every organ of control they have to try to control him and his presidency, and they tried so hard to keep Russia and America away from each other, and now we are in a near nuclear war about the borders of Ukraine,: Miller said.

“There really is a uni party on this,” Carlson said pointing out how left people are on foreign policy.

Their Marxist plans to overthrow democratically elected governments all over the world are emerging as one big story about Global domination – look at this in the European Union which is also openly promoting homosexuality for children.

What Miller is talking about highlights a recent exchange between US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and the Department of Homeland Security Myorkas over the money the cartels are making on sex trafficking across the border.

Myorkis acted like he felt abused by Cruz, so we know he is also in on the Globalist power grab of the United States of America.

Then there are EU members who have sought to curtail LGTBQ+ political theater and power grabs, with Poland going as far as to create “LGBT ideology-free zones,” and Hungary most recently banning the portrayal of homosexuality in content for minors.

Miller made the case about how an America First agenda upsets the people who benefit from using America for globalist power grabs over the world’s free people.

The fight is on, and the problem is not that Trans people need more visibility, as usurper Joe Biden demands with his executive decrees from our institutions.

The whole thing makes perfect sense now- and Miller put it together for us:

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