Democrat Describes Biden’s Transnational Drug Operations That Start At Border

Deadly fentanyl is flooding the United States of America, and even Democrats have had enough of the lawlessness at the border and are speaking out against Democrat Joe Biden’s reckless and insane policies.

Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott described the situation at a press conference this week, “Fentanyl does not derive from Texas or from the United States. It comes across the border from Mexico and is killing Texans and it’s getting worse.”

Democrat Henry Cuellar, a Texas border Congressman agrees with Abbott and told Fox News about the strategy of the Drug Cartels to flood the border with both people and drugs and what it really means for Americans.

Cuellar made an appeal to Democrats to put their country First, saying he -himself- is an American First, a Texas second, and a Democrat third.

“Abbott is right in the sense of what’s happening is that people are coming in- in one Direction and then drugs are coming in another direction. They’re very controlled and coordinated by the criminal organizations and by the way, those criminal organizations don’t stop at the border. They have their connections and other sources, including arms here in the US. So, these are transnational organizations,” Cuellar said.

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