Democrats Destroy Global Climate Concerns and Usher in Migration Hell for US

Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, and Oscar Ramirez urgently exposed details of their investigations from the Darien Gap in Panama and other locations along the migration path into the United States recently that should shock Americans into a deep concern for their personal safety. 

Remember- Democrats built this mess.  President Donald J. Trump got us out of the UN Global Compact that is behind this mess- and Biden got us back into it. We have covered that point many times in our reporting. Search: UN Global Compact on Migration. Thank you to Oscar Ramirez, who explained it to us.

The two reporters agreed that Americans do not understand what sort of human migration is coming our way and tried to warn people that the influx of foreigners will be something we have never experienced.

“After illegals get through Panamá, they end up in Costa Rica. We went there to investigate the process and found out there really is none. It’s basically a free-for-all. Thousands are coming across every day and more on the way… It’s about to become a total disaster!” Bergquam reported from his social media.


“More Chinese heading to America at the last stop in Panama before illegal migrants are sent to Costa Rica. America doesn’t know what’s coming! The United Nations Democrat invasion is only going to get worse. Ready or not, Mayor Adams, tens of thousands more are coming!”  Bergquam wrote. 


Ben Points out that the massive human migration pushed along by the United Nations and the Democrats results in the exact opposite of what they claim they stand for. 

I don’t want to hear another damn word about “climate change” from any of you open-borders-supporting leftists! You did this! #CloseTheDarien” Bergquam reported. 


Bergquam and Ramirez appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon and gave him an outstanding report:

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