Treachery: Exclusive Video Proof of Open US Border Invasion Likely Part of Global ‘Invasion by Migration’ [VIDEOS]

Numerous data points from around the world show a massive organized plan to invade, cripple, and replace the Western World with a Global Communist system. So the time has come in the United States for serious people to discuss the danger we are in and come up with some solutions.

Readers know from many media reports that France is under siege from violent foreign migrants at this very moment, and it does not take a giant mental leap to consider the same thing is about to unfold in the US. Investigative reporters like Ben Bergquam have discovered that America is being invaded by many adversarial countries, as actual spies, terrorists, and other criminals have been detected from those countries in the interior of the US, including from China.

The proof is right here for people to put together and start accepting reality.

Bergquam recently pointed out the irony that while Americans were celebrating their citizenship on the fourth of July, in the United States, forces were active in destroying the nation by importing illegal aliens:

Bergquam is a frequent guest on the War Room program with Steve Bannon.

“It is easy to understand what is happening if you have eyes to see,” Bannon, host of the War Room, said about Wednesday’s explosive show deconstructing what appears to be a Global invasion and highlighting Bergquam’s work.

Bergquam understands the invasion in the US better than most other reporters as the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice.

Bannon opened the Wed. show by talking to Bergquam about how he recently captured footage of illegal aliens climbing the border security wall in New Mexico and described for law enforcement, watching them as they continued into the United States on foot.

Bergquam told Bannon that officials told him that between 2,000 and 5,000 illegal aliens from that area are running over the border daily- yet that part of the border is not being secured at all.

The recent footage matches up with what Bergquam often reports on- talking about Ladder crews– when he is exposing how groups of illegals coordinate their illegal border crossings so as to most impact law enforcement, keeping them busy in one area with people claiming asylum. Then at the same time, criminals cross undetected into other areas.

The organized illegal crossings cause chaos. There is a lack of manpower, and in this case- there is no manpower at all in one high-traffic area.

“These are the people who do not want to get caught. They do not want to apply for asylum, which is very easy to do,” Bergquam said about what he saw on Tuesday, describing the people who likely are committing other crimes, like drug running and possibly weapons running, and can not afford to just walk up to border control and claim asylum and get escorted into the country.

Bergquam also described the people he has seen running into the US countryside as “mostly military aged men”.

And adding a note of alarm is how this all happens, according to Bannon’s European correspondent Ben Harnwell, who reported on Wednesday that France, Brussels, Switzerland, and Italy are experiencing what looks a lot like an invasion of migrants who are destroying those nations with riots and violence.

We know that there is a Global Compact of Migration from the UN, supported by Presidents Obama and Biden, sees the world with no borders. Bannon is right- about how easy it is to see what is happening.

We know that President Donald J. Trump got us out of the compact for his term. This explains why he is under attack from the very administrative state who desires the Global Compact over the nation’s sovereignty.

The global reports of invasion by migration also fit in with what Bergquam told Bannon about his 4th of July call to report the invasion he witnessed to border control, that the governments are all allowing the invasions to happen:

Bergquam said he called the sector headquarters for Border Patrol and recorded his conversation of the call, where the agent told him there was no one to cover the ground there. He should film what he was seeing because there was no help available.

So he filmed the call and what he was seeing. Here is how Bergquam described the situation:

“Thank you for calling it in but we have nobody to work it sir.”

That’s what I was told as I witnessed eight illegals break into America. This was in New Mexico, about 10 miles west of Sunland Park. Secretary Mayorkas says we have operational control of the border. He is a liar!

Think about that as we celebrate Independence Day and what the soldiers of this country have fought for. Biden, Mayor,kas, and the Democrats are allowing this to happen. What are we doing about it? @SpeakerMcCarthy #TrumpWasRight


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On Wednesday, Bergquam reported to Bannon, from Eagle Pass, Texas, to talk about the footage and his other weekend investigation around the Mt. Crisco Rey area in New Mexico, including the footage he posted of people climbing over the wall.

The US Federal Government is assisting the invasion:

“These are all illegals, who the government is now defining as legal. There is a battle between the Texas DPS and the Border Patrol. I saw barbed wire set up in an area where the Texas group has taken over the area from Border Patrol. So things are very tense here,” Bergquam told Bannon.

“I found out that Border Control was told to cut down the wire of the Texas DPS,” Bergquam said, hinting at how the Federal government is working so hard to assist the invasion of the country that Bannon describes as the ‘managed decline of the United States.”

Bannon, who was targeted for his role in the We Build the Wall project, is no stranger to how the US Government has demanded open borders to assist in the invasion of the countryside.

“That area in Mt. Crisco Rey is where they traffic the most women and children, and that is why we built the wall in this area,” Bannon said, reminding people of the explosive investigations that are being exposed about the level of human trafficking happening in the United States at the time of the new movie “Sound of Freedom.”

Bannon’s Wednesday War Room program focused on many factors that show what danger the United States is in, with interviews from around the globe.

“Cultures are like fish; some don’t play well with other fish. That is just the reality of the situation, Michael Yon, an investigative reporter and War correspondent, told Bannon on Wednesday’s show, describing the situation perfectly [1:10:00]. Darren Beatty from Revolver News talked about how the government allowed the invasion of France and other European countries.

This is a must-watch show:

Bergquam’s investigations were fundamental to the show’s theme- and he told Bannon: “Those illegals in New Mexico were actively climbing over the walls as I drove up on them. They are all over this area. As I was driving by the mountain this weekend where We Build the Wall, built the wall, and I saw illegals playing what looked like ‘Red Rover- Red Rover’. It is now covered by illegals now.”

From Bergquam’s weekend investigation:

Pt. 1

Pt. 2 and 3

For more of our footage on what is happening around the Western World, based on Ben Bergquam’s investigations.

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