Democrats Pushing Feds To Be Central Bank, Seizing All Private Accounts, CCP Rising

In order to have full-blown Communism in the United States, we need some full-blown Communists- I guess.  Democrat Joe Biden is fully out in the open, exposing that he is truly and technically a Communist, and that comes as no surprise to many of us who have been saying for decades that the Democrats were really Communists.

I digress.

Key Point: When the Democrats say that they want to democratize something, they mean they want power and control over that thing. The Biden administration is calling for  “FedAccounts,” which would replace private deposits with central bank accounts as part of their larger plan to “democratize finance.”

It is now pretty common to scroll social media and see journalists and news pundits talking about the ongoing Communist invasion of the United States, like in this set of tweets:

The woman Biden nominated to head up the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which “charters, regulates & supervises all national banks, federal savings associations,” wants to eliminate private bank accounts. She talks about the govt “taking away money” from people, Katie Pavich wrote in reaction to a video she retweeted.

A poster known as The Jewish Deplorable posted the video originally saying, “Proposal by Biden’s Treasury nominee Saule Omarova: “There will be no more private bank deposit accounts and all of the deposit accounts will be held directly at the fed”

Fox reported on Communist Omarova:

“Biden’s controversial nominee for bank regulator, Omarova has come under fire for her comments about the banking and energy industries.

President Biden is refusing to back away from his controversial nominee to run the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, (OCC) despite bipartisan concerns.

Saule Omarova, a Cornell University law professor, has raised eyebrows for comments she has made, which include saying the banking industry is the “quintessential a—— industry,” as well as calling for an end to banking “as we know it” by “the complete migration of demand deposit accounts to the Federal Reserve.”

Omarova made headlines again this week when footage reemerged in which she seemed to support energy industries going “bankrupt” for the sake of tackling climate change.

“Saule Omarova is eminently qualified and was nominated for this role because of her lifetime of work on financial regulation, including in the private sector, in government and as a leading academic in the field. The White House continues to strongly support her historic nomination,” the White House said in a statement to FOX Business this week.

If she is confirmed, Omarova will head a branch of the Treasury Department that polices more than 1,000 banks.


According to her Bio- she is Russian. Remember how the Democrats freak out over Russians? Well not when they want to implement Communism, apparently.

Saule Omarova is a Kazakh-American attorney, academic, and public policy advisor who was nominated to serve as comptroller of the currency by President Joe Biden.
Born: 1966 (age 55 years), West Kazakhstan Province, Kazakhstan

In a utopia where people don’t act out their political beliefs and allow individuals to have sovereignty and equal access to a quality of life- all the left’s ideas would just be lovely, however grown-ups and people who accept reality know there is one leading reason why no sane person wants to enter into anything- together with the left- that is centralized and that is because they are in a never-ending political war and they will do anything to win that political war.

So while they claim that political decisions should not influence central bank operations. they seek out opportunities to centralize banking, so they can control it and use it to punish their enemies.

The enemy of a Communist is anyone who is a part of the collective unit.

Anyone who likes to do things their own way.

We can thank all of the Democrats for this Communist utopia. They have worked tirelessly for decades to lie, cheat and steal and to get to this point that all of our biggest fears are now a reality.

The US Government has decided to control your bank account.

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