Depraved Humanity: Life In The Gulag Needs To Be Recalled At This Time To Shake People Awake

Many Americans realize that something has gone terribly wrong in the United States. Everywhere the evidence is seen and felt that we have lost something valuable.

All but the most elite citizens have experienced a loss of the legal safeguards that protected the civil liberties which the ‘non-elite’ citizens have relied on to keep greedy power mongers under control from destroying our freedoms.

After watching years of corruption at the highest levels of government, after a highly corrupt 2020 Presidential election, and after personally experiencing massive demands for medical tyranny by a highly unfavorable administration- Americans are coming to terms with the erosion of American civil liberties like at no other time in our history.

And now there is more.

With the demonization of January 6th, using multiple institutions to frame the average American as a criminal, we are in trouble. It appears that Americans are being eyed as future prisoners.

Americans need to know that and consider that something is not right about the torture of Americans, who are political prisoners, in at least one US Prison- the Washington DC Jail.

We have plenty of evidence that things are not going in the right direction for people who love their human freedom.

We know that all through history-Humanity, when power mongers and control freaks have too much power, takes these dark turns, and we are seeing the telltale signs that some Americans are no different than the world’s most corrupt leaders.

The following video is just a quick reminder that there is a price to pay for not embracing the idea of eternal vigilance over our freedoms.

A key point to remember: Humanity is not different in America now than it was in Russia then. Not all Americans have an equal passion to protect liberty and freedom.

How far are we from this?:

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