Occult Goes Insane: Travis Scott Sings “Dead” Standing Over Dying People At Concert

By now, most Americans are aware of events that happened over the weekend at the Astroworld Musical festival in Texas that resulted in numerous deaths and massive amounts of injuries from human stampedes. Travis Scott is a rapper who was performing at the time of the violence, who has a reputation for glorifying violence and death, along with his girlfriend,  Kylie Jenner, who appeared recently covered in fake blood.

Former fans of Scott’s say they warned people about the darkness of his act:


It is unclear why music promoters were as irresponsible as they were, why the rapper and his girlfriend are pumping out offensive and disgusting content- and now lawsuits have been filed.

Matt Walsh commented on the character of Scott in a blistering post on Monday.

Key Point: America is in peril while civility is being ignored everywhere. There is something extraordinary about the behavior of the man who was leading the musical act on the day mayhem broke out in Texas.  According to Buzzfeed lawsuits have been filed against him and numerous other parties after the fateful night. Everyone who was aware of the dangers, failed citizens, by not doing their due diligence on this music festival.

CNN’s latest reports on the investigation by Houston Police were that they were working to determine what happened:

After a crowd surge at a Houston concert that left eight people dead and dozens injured, officials said they will investigate key causes and what could have been done to get attendees out of harm’s way.

The Houston Police Department tweeted on Sunday that the investigation into the tragedy is active and “is in its early stages.”
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner told CNN his office is working to determine what happened at the Astroland Festival, how it happened and to make sure it does not happen again.
“We are praying for their family members, there are still two individuals who are critical — in critical condition in our hospitals — so, we are praying for all of them,” Turner said.
It is unclear if police will include the artist, Travis Scott, who was performing at the time, in their investigation.  He is strange behavior was caught on video, as seen below, as he performs a song titled, “Dead” as people are seen crushed to death, and being lifted up.

Posters familiar with Scott’s act claim that something is really not right with Scott, and that he “encouraged people to rush the stage and thwart security:

Many videos were posted online of live footage at the event, showing panic and chaos, revealing injured people trying to move out of the way of the human stampede.

A graphic image of Scott’s girlfriend, TV personality Kylie Jenner, who posed in fake blood in mid-October, surfaced to add to the chilling evidence that Hollywood has gone too far with their obsession with death and violence.

Footage showing Scott taking a brief moment to acknowledge someone had “passed out” was online, although most attendees at the concert said that the organizers and camera crew knew that it was far worse than one person passing out, and yet they refused to assist the crowd.

One eyewitness wrote about a long history by Scott to incite violence in his audiences.

This story is still developing…

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