Does Biden Have To Uphold Fed Law? America Project Sues Government Over Border

Former director of ICE, Thomas Homan, spoke at a press conference on behalf of the America Project, in Pheonix Arizona this week, to talk about a shocking lawsuit against the US Government, asking courts to answer the question of whether or not a President and his administration has to uphold the federal law, and which the lapdog corporate media is ignoring.

The group is slamming the administration of Joe Biden, and they are incensed at Biden’s lack of concern for the damaging immigration crisis he has created for landowners in the area of the US Southern border.

Real America’s Voice Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Order, was on the scene to catch the details of the new filing.

“This is the first lawsuit of its kind against the federal government for dereliction of duty on behalf of the property owners along the border, ” Bergquam said, panning to Homan, who was introducing the lawsuit.

“You’ve heard me say many times last two years. This Administration has been lawless in the security of our Southern border. Not only the ignoring of the law. They’re actually violating the law. We’re here today to talk about landowners who have taken millions of dollars in losses across the Southwest border. They have to replace torn-up fences every day. Their homes are broken into, cars stolen, they have cattle missing, and they are finding dead bodies on the property every day when they’ve had enough,” Homan told the media, who had bravely gathered to be updated, handing the podium over to the group’s lawyer.

“So, the lawsuit that we filed today as two counts, it’s a complaint for declaratory judgment. And a writ of mandamus what we have sued the Biden Administration for is to secure our border and to screen the migrants. So, the first part count, one is a complaint for declaratory judgment. And what we’re asking the court to do is to make a determination a declaration, whether the Biden ministration has to follow federal law, then we’re asking for a writ of mandamus, the writ of mandamus is a court order that compels a government official to discharge a duty that is owed by law,” the lawyer said, adding:

“In other words, do your job.”

Watch the full press conference with added remarks:

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