“You Are Only Certifying Your Own Corruption!” Bergquam Makes Perfect Case For Revote In AZ

Ben Bergquam, investigative reporter and founder of Frontline America, joined a group of poll workers and grassroots citizens in Arizona concerned about the integrity of the November elections ,as they gave their reasons for protesting ahead of the official certification process.

The many problems with the election process are well known, and what Bergquam, host of Real America’s Voice Law and Border, said at the Board of Supervisors represented the deep frustration he saw among the people he had been interacting with for a full year- while he has been investigating border issues in the state. As he tod the supervisors the people feel like their state is being stolen from them.

Bergquam has been on the local scene for weeks in Maricopa County, where he was embedded at times with the Kari Lake campaign and he was reporting on election day and witnessed many of the problems that have been covered.

Bergquam had been denied media access by election officials earlier in the month and now we why- because they do not like what he has to say. Bergquam talked a little bit about what brought him to the podium when opening his speech- and what he closed with and said should have left election officials gobsmacked.

“My message to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the County Elections Officials on their vote to certify the 2022 elections! The only thing they’ll be certifying is their corruption!”


In the end the supervisors shut down the protestors and ignored demands for investigations, and certified the vote. Bergquam caught it all:

For more information on how Ben has been treated by election officials and how he was being denied access to information- please read:

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