Dog-Eating Invaders: Italian Landowner Told Migrants are “Untouchable” After They Raid her Land and Eat her Pets

In a video that looks almost exactly like one taken by Real America’s Voice, Ben Bergquam, for his program Law and Border, as he investigates the land around the US Southern Border, a woman identified as an Italian landowner took a reporter on a tour of her land where illegals had entered her property, polluted her grounds, and eaten her animals- including her pets.

And we have to wonder if this is what America is experiencing as well, as notable cases of landowners along the Southern Border, especially in Arizona, which the center of a massive election dispute, explore the government’s push to eradicate “Stand your Ground” laws- which happens at the same time we are experiencing a massive influx of illegal aliens in the US.

There is indeed a movement to make invaders and illegal aliens protected by laws, so that there is no stopping their migration.

Investigative journalist Amy Mek reported on the video from Italy, which should stand as a stark warning of what is to come for the US:

“Are these the people whom the open borders politicians pledged would enrich Europe? Italian Officials Ignore Local’s Pleas to Remove Squatting, Dog-Eating Arab Migrants from their Property “There is excrement everywhere…I can’t have any more animals – I only have pigs” “We asked the police for help.

They told us that migrants are untouchable” The fate of the West hangs in the balance, and Europeans face a critical and urgent decision. They must choose whether to allow their countries to undergo a radical cultural transformation, akin to what occurred in Turkey after the fall of the center of Christendom to the Ottoman Empire or similar to the tragic fate of Egypt, where the once thriving Christian Copts now suffer relentless persecution.

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Time is of the essence for Europe; it cannot afford to delay the choice any longer. The pressing question is whether it will continue down the path of open borders, multiculturalism, and globalism, risking the rapid extinction of its hard-won Judeo-Christian values, freedoms, and unique identity. The stakes are high, and complacency could spell the end of the Europe we know.”

We know from multiple media reports that Italy is being invaded:



On the books right now is a Murder trial for a many who shot and killed an illegal alien on his ground in Arizona. Flashback to what is happening in the US to people who are caught trying to protect their land from migrants:

And we know that Italy and Brussels is having a migrant uprising as well- all nations who are a part of the Global Compact on Migration, which appears to be for the purpose of transforming the Western world as we know it, for some sort of Global Communist -Islamic Push:

The massive human migration is being supported under the idea of ‘Climate Change” according to the United Nations, who reported last week that migrants need to have legal protection for invading our countries:

“The effects of climate change are becoming more severe, and the number of people displaced across international borders is rapidly increasing,” said Ian Fry, independent human rights expert on climate change, who took up the new post last year. 

“In 2020 alone, 30.7 million people were displaced from their homes due to weather-related events. Droughts were the main factor,” Mr. Fry said in his latest thematic report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva. “We must take immediate steps to give legal protection to these people.”

Multiple rights violations 

The independent expert said that people displaced by climate change face multiple human rights violations including of their rights to food, water, sanitation, housing, health, education and, for some, their basic right to life.

“The human rights implications of climate change displacement, in particular across international borders, are significant and truly disturbing,” the expert said.

He called it “profoundly worrying” that large numbers of people displaced across borders, die or go missing every year on both land and sea. 

More than 50,000 lost their lives during migratory movements between 2014 and 2022. “It is equally shocking to note that more than half of those deaths occurred on routes to and within Europe, including in the Mediterranean Sea,” he said.

Displacement and natural disasters 

According to the independent expert, displacement due to climate change can take many different forms.

It can involve sudden events or more slow acting factors such sea level rise or drought. Most people affected by these events feel they have no choice but to move. Women and children are the most impacted by disasters and the effects of climate change, and also account for the majority of displaced people.

“The international community must realise its responsibility to protect people displaced across borders by climate change impacts,” the expert said.

Legal protection

Mr. Fry explained that the world was not operating in a total vacuum in terms of legal protection safeguards, with several options already in place.

“The Human Rights Council should prepare a resolution for submission to the UN General Assembly urging the body to develop an optional protocol under the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees to address displacement and legal protection for people all over the world affected by the climate crisis,” the expert said.

“Until then, I urge all nations to develop national legislation to provide humanitarian visas for persons displaced across international borders due to climate change, as an interim measure,” he said.

Independent experts and other UN Human Rights Council-appointed rights experts, work on a voluntary and unpaid basis, are not UN staff, and work independently from any government or organisation.

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