Dying Nation: Driver’s Manuals in Every Language but English at DMV

Many Americans feel dangerously disregarded by their representatives and government workers.  While noting at the same that they think their needs are ignored,  they see that foreigners and the requirements of foreigners are being elevated and addressed quickly.  Actions by civil servants at all levels are turning so hostile toward the American people that there is frequent discussion in public about citizens feeling like they are actually being ‘replaced.’

Having a government institution willfully ignore the instructional needs of native-speaking Americans, for example, while quickly supplying materials for foreign speakers is a telltale sign about who is essential to the leadership in charge.

That is what has happened at one CA DMV and an independent reporter caught it.

Cheyenne Kenney of Turning Point USA investigated why the California Department of Motor Vehicles did not have any instructional manuals for English speaker drivers.

California DMV has been out of English driver’s license handbooks for over a month but fully stocked on Spanish. This is what a dying nation looks like when you don’t prioritize your own citizens. Great work Cheyenne Kenney of @TPUSAOakland. #ExposeTheLeft! #FireGavinNewsom!” ben Bergquam a correspondent for Real Americas Voice, wrote in reaction to her report.

Clearly, in her video, Kenny showed that there were plenty of manuals in foreign languages, but for not native English speakers, and Kenney speculated why that was the case.

“A couple of days ago, I went to the DMV to pick up a Driver’s Handbook, and they said that they didn’t have any more in English.  And this just goes to show the deterioration of our culture, which is exactly what the globalists want. So you guys want to Driver’s Handbook and Spanish, you can get one.  See how many different ones they have? They have like every language under the sea. They have everything; it seems but English.  They fully stocked on every other language,” she said, showing the manuals that were available in the center.

Kenny also investigated how long the center lacked the proper instructional materials for native speakers, and the answer she received from an employee was shocking.


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