EL BLUE on Border: Mexican Reporter Warns US, “You had America, and you let it go!”

Oscar El Blue Ramirez, a resident of Mexico and a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, appeared on the War Room with host Steve Bannon from southern Mexico to highlight the dire consequences of Democrat Joe Biden returning the United States to the United Nations Global Compact on Migration after President Donald Trump removed us and stopped and the United States’ involvement with it.

Here is a dire warning from a Mexican who loves America:

“They’re already preparing in Central and South America for how they’re going to combat the organized crime that is going to come from the caravans and how they are going to try to slow down the pace what the Biden administration has done to the continent of America and the world. What is so dangerous is the idea that there’s no border, there’s no country and you don’t deserve a border and there’s no need for a border. There’s no need for border security. And that’s the worst thing about it that I see Americans right now that they’re really comfortable. I see Republicans that they’re not doing anything, anything, absolutely anything for their country,” Ramirez told Bannin, adding a sad, sad note:

” And one day, Steve, you will be sad and I don’t want that to happen because I love the United States of America. They’re gonna be standing on the other side where I’m standing and be admiring the country like it is the United States, and you will be saying, Oh, that’s a beautiful country. And I will tell you, you know, you had it and you let it go.

While talking to Bannon, Ramirez advocated for the United States to pull out of the Global Compact on Migration and for Mexico to do the same to stop the influx of migrants who are suspected to be escalating crime and humanitarian issues along their route and for the communities they are trekking through.


Ramirez addressed the Democrat’s Immigration policy and slammed the Republicans for not doing anything, adding comments about the involvement of Non-Governmental Organizations, which have very little oversight, saying the UN’s Global Compact is a “deadly” treaty that promotes uncontrolled migration.

Ramirez pointed to NGOs like Catholic Charities and ACLU and said they are involved in the issue of migrants and their funding and warned that because of these groups, governments are enabling deadly and brutal drug cartels, adding urgent pleas for the US government to eradicate funding of these groups.

In the interview on the War Room, Ramirez said that the US is forgetting the Constitution’s importance and overlooking massive corruption at borders.

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