El Paso Sheriff Dismisses Press in Migrant Hell: “Yeah Your’re a Reporter-ha, I’m not here for you”

As cities near the U.S.-Mexico border brace for the end of the President Trump era Title 42 restrictions on immigration, the city of El Paso, Texas, has seen an influx of migrants, with more than 3,300 reported Monday camped out near shelters, which has been written on by Frontline America numerous times.

Independent media has captured footage of the illegal migrants and also of the devastating way Americans who are concerned about the changes in the nation are treated.

And now we have proof of the way the media is being treated as they try to bring the American people the truth.

In the footage below one correspondent, Anthony Aguero, was dismissed and mocked by El Paso Sherrif and laughed at for wanting to get information about the situation in the embattled city of El Paso:

But what is happening there is huge news:

An El Paso city official told media on Monday that there are now as many as 2,500 migrants camped out around a local church and another 800 near the city’s homeless shelter, which the numbers seemingly increasing by the hour.

We covered the proof of those claims in the following live footage of the area with video footage :

The massive UN-driven human migration, through the Global Compact on Migration, that President Trump got us out of, and that Democrat Joe Biden got us back into, has been covered by Real America’s Voice for years, with investigative reporters like Ben Bergquam and Anthony Aguero.

And things are getting worse, and the focus of the Biden administration is to help the migrants get comfortable in their new country and to help assist those who want to come in from other parts of the world, and so El Paso is following their commands from the White House.

Even though we are told that the border is not open, the evidence is that the border is open.

There is no plan to stop the migration that we are about to see.

“With more migrants expected to begin arriving when Title 42 restrictions expire later this week, the El Paso City Council on Monday unanimously approved extending a disaster declaration due to a “state of emergency” to assist in transporting and sheltering migrant asylum-seekers,” USA Today reported on Tuesday, adding:

“Emergency Management Coordinator Jorge Rodriguez said the biggest concern is the large number of migrants expected to enter the city, adding to the growing number already in El Paso.

Title 42, a Trump-era immigration policy, barred migrants from crossing U.S. borders to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in holding facilities. Since the policy’s enactment during the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 3 million people have been turned away.”


As reported by independent media, the illegal migrant’s comfort levels are being given priority over the obvious national security concerns of the American people.

Bergquam, the host of Real America’s Voice show Law and Border, posted an update from his associate Anthony Aguero of Border Network News, which shows the Sheriff of El Paso, Texas, disciplining the American while enabling the criminals and that is shocking because, according to recent news from the El Paso Times, the community is living in fear of the illegal migrants:

“El Paso area school districts are remaining vigilant to ensure the safety of students and staff as the increasing number of migrants coming to El Paso is being felt city-wide.

Dozens of El Paso schools are within a few miles of the border, including in hot spots where migrants gather as they wait to be processed by federal officials. The number of migrants arriving in El Paso is expected to continue to rise as Title 42 restrictions end May 11.

In an alert sent to parents Sunday, El Paso Independent School District officials said district police continue to be posted at campuses and are patrolling the area. The district also is “actively collaborating” with local law enforcement agencies and the El Paso Office of Emergency Management.  

As the city anticipates an influx of migrants, we understand the community may be concerned about safety,” officials said in the message. “El Paso ISD is closely monitoring the situation and taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all students and employees.”

The district released this statement late Monday:

“El Paso ISD Police is collaborating with all local law enforcement agencies through the Office of Emergency Management and the activation of the Emergency Operations Center. Our officers have actively patrolled and maintained a presence at campuses near the border throughout the evolution of the situation surrounding Title 42. The safety and security of our students, staff and facilities is our highest priority.”

And there is a reason people are fearful – our law enforcement who want to help are being told to stand down, and other law enforcement appears to actually be hostile toward Americans.

“Wow! How pathetic! What a disrespectful jerk! The sad reality of law enforcement in liberal areas; they’re part of the problem!,” Bergquam reported about the following footage from Aguero.

The general feeling from many people who have investigated the massive migration, such as investigative reporter Michael Yon is that what is happening is done purposefully to replace Americans who are are growing more and more weary of an out-of-control government, and because citizens are demanding that politicians changes in THEIR behavior.

Here is more of our reporting on the disaster that is being caused for the nation by very Democrat-embraced policies of ‘open borders:

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