EPIC LAWSUIT: “I Would Rather Have The Government Do This, But They Won’t,”Trump Told Beck

In an exclusive interview with BlazeTV host Glenn Beck, former President Donald Trump discussed his lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and others who he says colluded to defeat his 2016 presidential campaign and sabotage his presidency.

Trump’s attorneys filed the lawsuit this week, naming nearly 50 defendants and charging them with a smattering of accusations including, but not limited to, a RICO conspiracy, injurious falsehood, conspiracy to commit injurious falsehood, malicious prosecution, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act violations, and theft of trade secrets.

“It was totally corrupt what they did,” Trump told Beck, repeating his accusation that the Obama administration “spied on my campaign” in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election.

In the 108-page complaint filed in the Southern District of Florida, Trump’s attorneys argue that Clinton, her campaign, former FBI Director James Comey, the DNC, and many others “orchestrated an unthinkable plot—one that shocks the conscience and is an affront to this nation’s democracy.” Trump’s lawsuit alleges that these actors hatched a plot to falsify records and manipulate data in an attempt to “cripple Trump’s bid for presidency” during the 2016 election.

Partial transcript of the interview:

Beck: Is this lawsuit about the 2016 election or what they did to you after?

Trump: It is about everything bit the 2016 and everything that they did to me- they spied on my campaign – Obama spied and the democrats spied and when I said something- and all hell broke loose!  Look at their reaction they were guilty. If this happened the opposite way, and I spied on them- it would have been treason all the way up to the death penalty and including that.

We caught them and caught them cold, and we have been building up for a long time.

Bill Barr was afraid of being impeached and he was petrified and didn’t do a damn thing, and we have been building up for a long time.

The Durham report came out and added to the list of things that we knew was happening with crooked Hillary, and we are going to be adding names to the suit as time goes on.

Much of the stuff went past the campaign, they were spying against is in the oval office too, we have never seen anything like what happened. People are sick of it.

The lawyer we have was appointed by Bill Clinton- so that is a conflict of interest and this is how it goes for Republicans.  It is the same judge who threw out a lawsuit over the crooked email scheme.

I think we have an incredible chance, people are tired of no one doing anything, we caught them and no one did anything- Barr was lazy and scared so he didn’t do his job.

It is very sad because this case is incredible but we have a judge who is friends with the Clintons. We have to see what the Justice Department does, we have been watching for a long time.

People are happy that a case is filed against these people like the two lovers.

I would rather have the government handle it, but they won’t. So I will handle it. If the judge throws the case out we will go through appeals. We will ask for a recusal.

According to the Blaze:

The lawsuit will be heard by U.S. District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks, who was appointed by former President Bill Clinton. In 2015, Middlebrooks threw out a civil racketeering suit filed against Hillary Clinton that claimed she had used her private email server and position as secretary of state to promise changes in U.S. foreign policy in exchange for speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Trump accused this judge of having a “conflict of interest” and said he should recuse himself from the lawsuit.

“We have a judge that was appointed by Bill Clinton. And who knows Hillary Clinton very well. And we’re suing Hillary Clinton,” he said.

“Now, the problem we have, though, is if you have a judge that’s going to throw out the case, and you have to go through appeals. Yep, I think you have a great appeals section. But we’ll see. So we’ll probably ask for a recusal. Maybe a change of venue. But not a change as much as a recusal,” he added later.

The former president is seeking at least $72 million in damages to recoup legal fees and lost business earnings his legal team says he suffered from the allegations that his campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

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