‘Hunter Had Access To DOD Servers’, Jack Maxey Exposes Massive Betrayal And Hidden Documents

At a critical point and time in American history when people could have done something to help prevent the disasters, we are seeing unfold, no one was around to help Jack Maxey get the complex data from the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop to the right people to do, prepare the American people by doing a deep forensic dive of the data.

“This is about espionage and the betrayal of the American people, not about the pornography,” Maxey told interviewer Mary Grace this week.

“I feel particular empathy for the victims of human trafficking that were at the hands of Hunter. The child pornography, if we find it, the laws say that I must take the laptop to law enforcement. We want the information in the hands of law enforcement, the Senate and others. We have a server set up here, then others can take over,” Maxey told Grace.

“I care about my honor and my country, and I want my children and grandchildren to have the same opportunity to live in America as I did,” he said about what motivates him to do this highly controversial work.

Maxey is now doing exactly what he wants others to do, on his own, at his own expense- in a neutral country with the help of technical experts- and he is releasing the information and telling his story that should shake the world with what appears to be massive scandals involving many high ranking people from around the world.

Calling in from an undisclosed location in Switzerland, where he has moved calling the country the last beacon of liberal values, Maxey gives a lengthy interview with Grace on her Facebook page for Mary Grace Media, and tells her that the American people will have access to the massive files he is uncovering, “very, very soon”.

Watch the interview here:

Speaking about what the American people can do to correct the damage done by the Biden family and corrupt politicals, Maxey was firm and bold.

“We need to kick everyone to the curb, they have all betrayed us because none of them wanted Trump to win. They are all utter betrayers. People need to stop being fascinated with shiny objects and start electing people of moral character. DC runs on blackmail,” Maxey said was the ultimate goal for his work pushing the laptop.

The tale of why Maxey ended up in Switzerland ,all started around March 18, as Maxey posted about the breaking news about the laptop:

“The best is yet to come! All this is breaking now because NYT and others know full well what I am up to. . . . 😎 (Remember this site repressed it all too. even on eve of war)”

Grace interviewed Maxey and called him the “laptop King”, giving Maxey a chance to talk about his personal background, including his background in research and financial operations.

“Oct 15 2020, is when I got the laptop, who got it from Rudy’s lawyer,” Maxey, a former co-host of the War Room Pandemic, said.

“I know that -Liars lie and cheaters and cheats- so when I saw the laptop I went to Rosemont Seneca data and  I found SCC Violations and documents.  Falsification of accounts, things that put Americans in jail every,  now I see collusion to the Chinese,” he said.

Sam Faddis helped get into the contents of the laptop, and he laid the groundwork of what he did in an earlier show, Mary Grace Show.

Link Here

Maxey explained his battle with the media to take the news from the laptop.

“New York Post took the first two articles published because of a young woman, using her human agency,” Maxey said after no one else would take it.

“Then everything goes dark, until two months later when I flew a copy of the laptop to the Daily Mail,” he said.

Daily Mail published the first article around April 15 2020 and verified the laptop was real and had not been manipulated with a company called Merrymen. We thought there were 8,000 emails and 120,000 searchable emails which makes it difficult – and I decided that because no one would do their job, I would come to Switzerland with real pros to get the forensics, and in the last three days, we found that there are 15 Gigabytes of erased materials and that would include thousands of emails we didn’t know about up to 80,000 images and videos and thousands and thousands of documents.  We believe we found attachments that no one else could have found, and I have questions. Why couldn’t Merryman find this out in March 2021 we were figuring it out in Switzerland.  It is off the charts, the 80,000 images, someone saw that and noticed they were all little girls,” he told Mary Kate.

“So I said Stop- stop! We are not going to look at another photograph.  If we find what we think is on there we have to go to the Swiss Police, so at the end of this week that is what we are going to do and sit down with the law enforcement officials, so no one gets into trouble,” he said.

“We found horrible things, that Hunter had the opportunity to penetrate the DOD system – there is national security issues here.  And this is a National Defense concern here.  This is horrifying stuff.  There are 100,000 emails and we will have them all in one package.  We are running software now to clean it up, we are trying to do this as responsibly as we can. There are dozens and dozens of trafficked women all over Hunter’s laptop.  We are going to make this available to every Sherrif, but the images stop us,” Maxey said.

There is some pushback on Maxey’s claim, Grace stopped Maxey to clarify and asked him the question of what he has that no one else has?

Maxey explains that the Director of National Intelligence could have gotten the laptop around Dec. 7th a month before the inauguration, to do the type of forensics he is doing, currently, in Switzerland.

“We now know have so much that we didn’t know we had before like evidence that Hunter had spies in foreign embassies.  Hunter had access to the large servers at the Department of Defense,” Maxey said about the overwhelming knowledge of what he and his team have found.

Metabiota, is a new story that Maxey discussed, which was written by the New York Post as he posted on his GETTR account.

Mary Grace asked- “What is going to change from knowing about these new details? The deals they make, the companies they have set up are protected. What is going to change now?”

“What is going to change- is we are going to stop relying on federal law enforcement who ignores the laws that have been broken by their chosen ones,” Maxey said.

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