EXCLUSIVE BERGQUAM: ‘Democrats Colonizing America With Illegal Immigrants’, Investigation Shows

Ben Bergquam is a correspondent for Rel America’s Voice, host of his own show Law and Border, and a frequent guest on Bannon’s War Room, with program host Steve Bannon.

Recently Bergquam was on the scene in San Antonio Texas with an interpreter, together they visited a Greyhound Bus station and witnessed many busloads of illegal migrants being transported around the country and had a chance to talk to them about what they were doing in the United States.

The video is below.

Bergquam highlighted a nonprofit called interfaith welcome coalition that is abetting illegal migrants- which assists the drug cartels and enables massive human suffering- and also helps foreigners invade the United States.

Check it out:


Meeting the changing needs of asylum seekers, refugees, and at-risk immigrants in collaboration with others.

“Just to give you an idea of how much traffic illegal traffic is coming to your neighborhood through Greyhound, ” Bergquam said, narrating a very crowded bus station.   

“Transfer immigrants around the country is now a whole new economy. It is an economy on the backs of the taxpayers,” George Rodriguez told Bergquam.

“So we’re subsidizing Greyhound. This is what they’re doing,” Bergquam noted.

“Yes and they’re colonizing America,” Rodriquez said. 

“Bus after bus, After bus heading to a city near you,” Bergquam said. 

“Back with George Rodriguez at the San Antonio Greyhound Bus station to expose the new lucrative industry of illegal alien human smuggling by companies like Greyhound, American Airlines and leftist communist organizations like the ”Interfaith Welcome Coalition!” “Law & Border” Bergquam reported.

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